The Coveteur Consigning Advice
The Coveteur Consigning Advice

The Coveteur Edit: Fashion Insiders’ Consigning Advice

Words by Jody Hume | 3.28.16
We’re excited to team up with The Coveteur on a sale featuring items straight from the closets of some of our favorite fashion insiders. As editors, these ladies get their hands on the best of the best, and the chance to score something from their personal collections is not-to-be-missed. What’s more, here they’re giving us the scoop on some of the pieces they’re consigning, their expert tips for editing your closet and who they look to as style icons. Read on to get inspired and start consigning according to their sartorial wisdom.

Are you a closet maximalist or minimalist? Do you Kondo?

Laurel Pantin The Coveteur x The RealReal
Laurel Pantin at London Fashion Week
Maximalist all the way. Some might say I’m a hoarder. — Laurel Pantin, Editorial Director at The Coveteur
‘Accumulation’ is my word of choice. I sadly don’t Kondo, but would love a condo … or to hire a Kondo expert. — Celine Kaplan, Celine Kaplan PR
I am a maximalist in the sense that I believe in having things in my closet that are appropriate for every situation. That means that I spend a lot of time curating things for occasions but I do not like junk. I clean out my closet like once every two weeks. I used to have a much more emotional attachment to clothing but as I have gotten older, that is less important to me. Everything in my closet has to fit or have a purpose. If not, it has to go! — Danielle Prescod, Managing Editor at Obsessee
I don’t even have the patience to READ Kondo, let alone practice the method. I’m a maximalist, but highly organized by color, fabric and style. — Gwen Flamberg, Beauty Director at Us Weekly
Ooo such a hard question. I’m the ULTIMATE Kondo when it comes to cleaning out my closet and I definitely don’t have any issue cleaning out my closet, BUT I definitely have a shopping addiction. I don’t have a problem buying what I love. Kondo tells you to ask yourself “does this bring you joy,” and I guess there are many things that bring me joy. — Ruthie Friedlander, Deputy Editor at ELLE

As a fashion and style expert, what’s your go-to tip for women trying to edit their wardrobes?

Shiona Turini The Coveteur x The RealReal
Shiona Turini at Paris Fashion Week
I am probably the last person on earth to give anyone tips on editing their wardrobes. I still have my first internship interview outfit packed in my closet (black wide-leg pant, button-up and baby blue coat). My advice would be ‘phone a friend’ – or a group of friends with varying tastes to help you. I love to invite a panel over, give them some drinks, and let the games begin. Think of it as a reenactment of that scene from the Sex & the City movie when Carrie has to pack up her closet. But it usually ends with my friends Will or James dressed in women’s clothes and me in tears as they rip apart my closet. True story. — Shiona Turini, Creative Consultant & Freelance Editor/Stylist
I think you have to be realistic about what you will wear and what you are holding on to in the hopes of wearing. If you bought it and haven’t worn it within the first few weeks, get rid of it. Same goes for something you haven’t worn in over a year. If you didn’t wear it last summer and are thinking there is a chance you might wear it this one, you won’t. — Stephanie Mark, Co-Founder at The Coveteur
Organize your wardrobe by colors, which I have a lot of, and by type of item. Things you have not worn for two years are perfect candidates for The RealReal. — Celine Kaplan
Ruthie Friedlander The Coveteur x The RealReal
Ruthie Friedlander (image courtesy of The Coveteur)
If you are keeping something in your closet and saying, “Oh this will fit me better when I lose/gain weight…” get rid of it. Keep things in your closet that make you feel great NOW, not later. — Ruthie Friedlander
Don’t get sappy! You should know when you really love something and/or it brings you joy. But save for the random sentimental piece, make sure that everything in your closet looks amazing on you. What is the point of having clothing that doesn’t look good? — Danielle Prescod

Tell us about one of the pieces you’re consigning and why you’re consigning it.

I am consigning my beloved Christopher Kane dress with the cosmic skirt. I LOVED that dress and wore it to so many special events. Unfortunately, the skirt is a bit short for me now and I haven’t worn it in a couple of years. I think someone else would wear it and enjoy it and I also get to make room for something new! — Stephanie Mark
I was obsessed with the Jimmy Choo Anouk heels when they first launched and I had to have them — in a gorgeous turquoise suede. They make your legs look a mile long. But I can’t run for a taxi in them. And that’s just not sexy. — Gwen Flamberg
My Louis Vuitton monogrammed wallet and agenda cover. They were the FIRST luxury items I ever received and were a gift from my parents after begging for something Vuitton. For a while they reminded me of the sacrifices my parents made to give me all the things I ever wanted, no matter how unreasonable my dreams and desires were. I know they have saved up to buy those items, so for over 10 years I’ve had them sitting in a drawer. I want someone else to feel how happy I felt when I first got them. P.S. I did, however, keep the bag I got to go with it. I’ll cherish that LV bowling bag for a lifetime.  — Shiona Turini
I’m consigning a pair of Sophia Webster heels, which I love, but sadly, don’t fit. I’m not great in heels, so it’s time for me to part with a few pairs to make way for more fun flats. — Laurel Pantin

Is there a spring investment piece you’re planning to spend your consignment earnings on?

I’m kind of jonesing for a Mansur Gavriel Crossbody in some springy color like blush or robin’s egg blue. — Gwen Flamberg
Danielle Prescod The Coveteur x The RealReal
Danielle Prescod
I plan to save some and spend some on travel. I have accumulated enough clothing and accessories to last a lifetime, but there’s so much more of the world that I want to experience. — Shiona Turini
I think I’ll be taking any earnings straight to Gucci. — Laurel Pantin
I have had my eye on the Dior runway shoes since last October. The block kitten heel in patent leather has been whispering to me like The Ring to Gollum. Plus, I would really love to get something from Raf’s last collection. — Danielle Prescod
Anything Loewe. Jonathan Anderson has turned me into a crazy obsessive. — Ruthie Friedlander

Who do you think has great style?

Lauren Hutton, Diana Ross, Dolly Parton, and Ru Paul. — Laurel Pantin
Celine Kaplan The Coveteur x The RealReal
Celine Kaplan (image courtesy of The Coveteur)
Laure Heriard Dubreuil, Iris Apfel, Alexandra Golovanoff, Giovanna Battaglia.  — Celine Kaplan
I think an elevated simple girl does it best. It is not necessarily a specific person but someone who invests in good, classic pieces with current twists. Elissa Santissi and Vanessa Hong come to mind. — Stephanie Mark
Samira Nasr, ELLE’s Fashion Director. There’s literally never a time she walks into the office wearing something that’s not so perfectly cool. She makes getting dressed look so effortless. — Ruthie Friedlander
I am obsessed with finding girls that I have style crushes on. In terms of celebrities I love: Diane Kruger, Emily Ratajkowski, and Rosie Huntington Whiteley. In terms of cool girls with amazing style that happen to be my friends I love Kristen Crawley, Taylor Tomasi Hill and Gia Kuan. — Danielle Prescod
My style icon is and always will be Diana Ross in Mahogany. I often feel that Solange Knowles is the modern day version of that character, so it’s only natural that I admire her sartorial choices. I’ve always had the biggest fashion fangirl crush on Caroline Issa. I love the way she wears color, coats and she can do no wrong in a suit. But, I often truly admire the style of individuals with extremely different aesthetics than my own. Leandra Medine and Martha Violante both have amazing taste and their own unique ways of dressing. — Shiona Turini
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