Luxury Gift Ideas For Men
Luxury Gift Ideas For Men

8 Luxury Gift Ideas for Men


If you’ve done everything in your power to procrastinate seeking out the perfect holiday present, you’re not alone. Decorating the tree and sitting through hours of Hallmark movies beats stressing over finding the perfect item. Gift shopping is hard, especially for the men in your life who already seem to have everything. Not only that, but if there’s nothing on their list that they’re pining after this year, where do you even begin? We don’t all have the privilege of speaking with Santa’s elves, so instead you can rely on our luxury gift guide for men.


To make the challenge easier, we’ve rounded up a list of choices that will only lead to smiles from the guys on your list. Whether he’s a major sneakerhead with a passion for shoes or frequently traveling around the world, there is a strong assortment of gifts under the luxury umbrella that will match his lifestyle. 

Best Luxury Gifts for Men

Sprinkle a little magic into your gift-giving game and leave him speechless with these presents that are the epitome of luxury. 

1. A Designer Watch

Nothing quite delights and surprises like a luxury watch. From the unboxing to the wearing experience, it’s hard to top. If he’s the type to treat everyone else in his life before himself, an impeccably crafted timepiece is a lovely way of showing your appreciation. It’s a gift to last through decades and meets his functional needs, too. This is particularly true with luxury watches, which tend to have far more features and capabilities, such as impeccable precision when it comes to timekeeping and masterful waterproofing for diving and watersports.


If you’re wondering about brands, both Rolex watches and Patek Philippe watches are iconic for a reason and will be names he’s very familiar with. For something that strays from classic models, Jaeger-LeCoultre is a smart move if a square face is more his thing, or a watch from Richard Mille, which specializes in unique tonneau-shaped dials, is perfect for a guy who likes more original aesthetics.


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2. A Sleek Pair of Shoes

Designer shoes obviously aren’t just restricted to pumps and heels. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to men’s luxury footwear. A pair of rare sneakers will drop jaws, as will any special releases from artists. There have also been collabs with major fashion houses and iconic athletic brands, such as Air Dior Jordans — yup, exactly what it sounds like — or Prada and Adidas’ sharp kicks. 


If he has enough sneakers to last him a lifetime, loafers and slides are great purchases, too. Depending on his personality, he might need a chic Gucci loafer for work or a comfy rubber pool slide from Versace for his trips out of the country. Or maybe he’s the type to need both. 


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3. Designer Bags and Wallets

The beaten-down wallet he’s had since he was 18 deserves an upgrade or maybe his usual commuter bag is in desperate need of repair. A luxury bag or wallet is a lovely gift and something nearly any man will appreciate, even if you don’t know his style inside and out. 


For good luxury wallets, you can sniff out any bi-fold, tri-fold, or simple cardholder from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Maison Margiela. If he typically picks up anything other than a black or brown leather wallet, Off-White and Bottega Veneta offer designs that truly stand out. Designer messenger bags on the other hand can also be scooped up from Louis Vuitton and Gucci, but Hermès and Mulberry are worth looking at too if he likes classic shapes and clean, minimal details.. He’ll look sharper than anyone walking into a meeting and have you to thank for it. 


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4. Designer Luggage and Suitcases

If the guy in your life is commuting to more places than an office, he might need something more than a backpack or messenger bag. A duffel bag or suitcase is your next port of call that’ll make his journeys ten times easier. Men’s travel bags like the Tom Ford leather weekender or the Keepall from Louis Vuitton will provide a spacious place to pack their essentials without compromising on sartorial excellence.


Men’s luggage is another great gift if he’s one to collect airline miles. Rimowa, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi all have sharp-looking cases that not only look top-tier but will be easy for him to identify at baggage claim. If he’s all squared away with suitcases and carry-on bags, don’t forget dopp kits and toiletry bags. These can serve as a major upgrade from the TSA-approved plastic bags or any old wash kit that has one too many toothpaste marks.  


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5. Trading Cards and Comic Books

The key to bringing joy to a guy’s inner child? Trading cards. This nostalgic gift is just as prevalent for adults nowadays, especially with the remarkable vintage editions out there. No matter what his sport of choice is, you’ll be able to find a special card that’ll be an investment for his collection and earn you major brownie points, including those of basketball, tennis, football, and baseball stars. If he’s more of a gamer, you can snap up Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon cards that’ll leave him scratching his head, wondering how you sourced them.


Also under this category of collectibles are comic books. Fans of Marvel, DC, and Archie Comics will be blown away by rare and vintage editions of their favorite storylines and can proudly display them in a case or get them framed. 


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6. Stylish but Comfortable Loungewear

If he’s the type to usually buy $10 joggers composed mostly of polyester or plastic, change his world with something higher quality. He can lounge in Lanvin or look put together in a pajama set from Thom Brown. As far as materials go, cashmere and cotton will keep him comfortable, and most fabric compositions are relatively easy to care for. 


For cool hoodies and pullovers that trump any plain heather gray one he has lying around, look to Marni, Opening Ceremony, and Off-White. Luxury loungewear is a different ball game, and while he won’t want to take it off, he doesn’t have to since it looks just as cool worn outside as it does when he’s chilling on the couch.


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7. Top-Tier Sports Equipment

Whether it’s a sleek pair of ski goggles or a Prada frisbee, you can elevate his athletic game with designer picks that are built to be played with but are a cut above the standard options at sporting goods stores. 


If he’s latched on to the pickleball obsession (who hasn’t?) or loves paddling a ball back and forth on the beach, there are designer rackets available, too. Alternatively, there are designer spins on gloves, club bags, and ball holders for golfing enthusiasts. You can gift guys into motorcycles a sleek new helmet from a luxury brand, and wrap up a monogrammed set of gloves from Louis Vuitton for amateur boxers.


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8. Decor for His Space

Living with a partner or knowing someone well enough to get the gist of their abode makes gifts for the home a great move. He might not even think to ask for it, but he’ll be grateful to see just how much that Prada leather chess set completely transforms his basic apartment into a perfectly curated pad. That or an elevated version of his favorite board game will make his day.


Aside from stylized games, a cozy throw blanket or sculptural lamp are also nice touches. If he’s an enthusiastic home chef, a statement salt cellar, serving plate, or set of tumblers will transform a bland kitchen into a chic cooking space.


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Avoid boring and basic when it comes to gift-giving this year. Upgrade what’s under the tree with these aforementioned luxury presents for him instead.

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