8 Black Owned Fashion Brands
8 Black Owned Fashion Brands

8 Black-Owned Brands to Know


Inclusivity in fashion still has a long way to go, but it’s essential for creating an industry that’s talented, multifaceted, and representative of everyone. Black-owned brands are enormously important and face far more barriers to success than others. Knowing their names and founders, and recognizing their talent is vital.


From glittery disco ball-inspired boots to sharp-shouldered powersuits to iconic handbags, there are so many inimitable labels and founders that you shouldn’t miss out on following and supporting. Part of being deeply involved with fashion is expanding your knowledge and discovering brands that are creating cutting-edge designs and filling the industry with new ideas, looks, and movements. 


Curl up and let’s get acquainted with the likes of Aurora James, the powerhouse behind footwear label Brother Vellies and the Fifteen Percent Pledge and Jerry Lorenzo, the face behind Fear of God, a spiritually-charged streetwear brand that have locked in adoration from celebs and shoppers alike. 


While it’s unreasonable to try and narrow down a list of the incredible brands that exist, we’ve selected eight Black-owned brands to shop from just to have as a starting point. 

The 8 Black-Owned Fashion Brands to Have on Your Radar

Familiarize yourself with the incredible work and backgrounds of the following nine designers to kick off your exploration of Black-owned fashion brands.

Wales Bonner

Grace Wales Bonner brought this company to life in 2014 just after she graduated from an esteemed British art school. She initially launched it as a menswear brand and it’s since expanded into womenswear, jewelry, accessories, and even books.


She’s racked up a variety of awards including the L’Oréal Professional Talent Award, LVMH Prize, and the CFDA International Men’s Designer of the Year. Oh, and at just 28 years of age she secured a position as head of fashion at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.


Wales Bonner (the brand) has small, curated collections that mix athletic apparel touches with well-tailored cuts. Aside from the brand’s own creations, it doesn’t shy away from collabs, just peep the one it did with Adidas. The limited-quantity Sambas are to die for and are wildly trendy right now.  

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Brother Vellies

Are you even a shoe enthusiast if Brother Vellies isn’t in your vocabulary? Dreamt up by the creative genius Aurora James, the brand started off selling at New York markets and is now an iconic name in the footwear world. 


You won’t find shoes quite like these anywhere else, except for maybe after it sets off a tidal wave of trends that copycats try to swipe. Think: fuzzy ying-yang calf boots, cowboy boots and mules with mermaid motifs, cow print slip-ons, and high heels with globe-shaped toe posts.


The company has branched out into handbags, swimwear, and socks. There’s even a Bodega section — an homage to New York City — which features other goods (like coffee and home decor) from different artists and creators. In fact, artisans are an enormous part of the rest of the brand, too. It focuses on sourcing artisan-made footwear and accessories from countries like Burkina Faso, South Africa, Mexico, Italy, and Ethiopia. 

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Responsible for that iconic handbag (you know exactly which one), Telfar has captivated bag collectors and sartorial enthusiasts since 2005. Named after its founder​​ Telfar Clemens, these roomy shopper bags have skyrocketed in popularity and haven’t come down. What makes this company so impressive is its products’ price points vs. value. 


Despite earning the title of luxury brand, the handbags, clothing, and accessories cost far less than what’s usually expected. It’s the perfect way for a much wider range of shoppers to get their hands on designer items, making luxury far more accessible. As its slogan states, “It’s not for you — it’s for everyone.” A message that’s worth getting behind. 


The obsession with Telfar products has only grown, especially through the collabs it has done in recent years. It has linked up with Gen Z and millennial favorite brand UGG to create shearling-lined bags and Telfar logo boots, and worked on athleisure picks with Eastpak.  

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Brandon Blackwood

For Brandon Blackwood, it all started on a night when he chose to stay in because he couldn’t afford to go out. (He was only making $10 an hour at the time.) That evening, he decided to research handbag designs and manufacturing,and soon after produced his first backpack (the iconic Portmore). He was featured in Essence Magazine only a few months after.


He went viral in 2020 for a tote design engraved with End Systemic Racism—with proceeds going to the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, an organization dedicated to helping minorities find legal representation. 


Now, Blackwood’s sleek and edgy bag designs have been seen on the shoulders of celebrities like Lupita N’yongo, Solange Knowles, Keke Palmer, Saweetie, and many, many more. 

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LaQuan Smith

At the impressive age of 21, LaQuan Smith started his namesake brand, perfecting the art of the statement party dress and showing what power-dressing really means through impeccably tailored suits and gowns. 


Whether you’re after purple sequined trousers or a sheer mock-neck gown, you’ll find it here. The brand is a favorite of stylists and celebrities, too, with the likes of Zendaya, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Lenny Kravitz wearing pieces from different collections for magazine shoots and red carpet events.


While many fashion houses have a global manufacturing chain, LaQuan Smith produces each of these remarkable pieces in New York. The overall aesthetic of the lines produced are glamorous and elegant with a sexy twist — which could be a sleek cut-out around the stomach or hip bones or sheer materials. 

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Christopher John Rogers

When your roster of dressed celebrities include Beyoncé, Chloë Sevigny, Cardi B, Margot Robbie, and Adele, how could you not be a household name in fashion? Christopher John Rogers knows no bounds and is capable of dressing stars whose tastes vary widely.


This is one such brand that works neutral colors into the most beautiful silhouettes, but equally is not afraid to create a piece exploding with color. It’s a rare treat, seeing as that many companies will hold tightly to minimalism or embrace maximalism — Christopher John Rogers is happy to do both.


Founded by the New York-based designer of the same name, Rogers began designing when he was in high school. He studied fashion design and went on to launch his own line, collecting accolades along the way from the CFDA and the LVMH Prize. The brand has done collaborations with more than just fashion houses, it has worked with paint companies, TV shows, and mass retailers. 

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Pyer Moss

Fashion is so much more than the clothes we wear. Designers who use this form of art for good — whether it be through activism or something else — are in a category of their own. Pyer Moss proves its more than possible to create clothes that tell stories, push for change, and still look incredible when worn.


Both the streetwear and runway lines are created to be visual conversation starters. Each piece is crafted in Italy, Portugal, or New York — all renowned locations for craftsmanship and attention to detail. While the styles vary per collection, there are a lot of retro nods to ’70s and ’80s cuts and silhouettes. 


Kerby Jean-Raymond, the face behind the brand, ensures that every detail, from the logo in a collaboration to the way a certain material lays is done so intentionally or for a reason. In addition to garments that speak to their audience, the company also highlights social justice movements with its Exist to Resist initiative. 

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Heron Preston

The eponymously-named Heron Preston is based in New York and creates high-end streetwear for men and women. Mesh cardigans with neon green faux fur trim, classic cargo pants, interesting graphic tees, and patchwork denim are all found under this label. It’s also known to do intentional — not “pointless” — collaborations with brands like Calvin Klein and Nike.


It’s not the only venture this fashion designer has under his belt either. Preston founded Been Trill with a few other incredible creatives, including the late Virgil Abloh. In 2023, he was tapped to serve as the Creative Menswear Advisor for H&M, too. 


More recently, Heron Preston launched the L.E.D Studio initiative, which stands for less environmentally destructive. It’s an extremely unique way of making the fashion industry more sustainably cyclical. One arm of it focuses on “materials development,” to innovate and create more eco-conscious components, another focuses on mentorship and supporting budding entrepreneurs. There is also an area for improving textile and clothing recycling.

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Fear of God

With an eye- and ear-catching name, Fear of God grabs attention from the get-go. The brand has an intriguing contrast in its creations and meaning, showing and sharing founder Jerry Lorenzo’s personal relationship with religion and another person’s viewpoint who may not believe in the same thing.


There are currently eight collections under the company’s luxury label, each one embodying a different theme. This isn’t the only way to sport the brand though. Its Athletics and Essentials lines make it more accessible for anyone to be part of the vision with more accessible price points and everyday wear. 


Fear of God and its designer are supreme at toeing the line between clean minimalism with an air of street style, touch of grunge, or slight organic hint. Its most recent collection eight, titled American Symphony has oversized shoulders, minimal detailing, and slouchy but refined fits. Whereas its first collection was a majorly ’90s-inspired line with plaid, sweatshirt material, and skate appeal. 

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