7 luxury sneakers to invest in
7 luxury sneakers to invest in

7 Luxury Sneakers Worth Investing In


Luxury fashion is forever evolving, and while footwear in this category was once primarily heels it has morphed to include a wider range of shoes — including sneakers. As far as the long history of fashion has come, this has been a relatively recent development, as rubber-soled sneakers weren’t always viewed as high-end or even particularly stylish. Stilettos and kitten heels ran the show, with brogues, loafers, and the occasional ballet flat. When you thought about luxury shoes, sneakers weren’t ever top of mind.


It was thanks to Gucci that this all changed. The unspoken rule of these shoes serving as gym and fitness-only workhorses was lifted in the mid-1980s and running shoes were viewed to be just as stylistically relevant as the rest. Its tennis model stepped into the limelight, and since then, luxury athleisure has only exploded (and for that, we’re grateful). 


Whether or not you’re a runner — or just running to buy more shoes — luxury sneakers are non-negotiables in any closet. They stand out from the sea of everyday kicks and instantly elevate your shoe rack. If your current rotation of sneakers is looking a little sad, these are seven brands worth exploring and investing in when you’re in the market for high-end tennies. 

Best Luxury Sneakers to Invest In

When you’re shopping around for high-end sneakers, there are a few luxury brands that come to mind. Among these are tastemakers and brands that are doing something a little different with their athletic shoes.

Gucci Sneakers

Gucci is the brand that started it all. Although sneakers and luxury shoes existed long before then, they were on parallel planes to one another. In 1984, Gucci launched its tennis-style sneaker and the luxury sneaker boom has only shot upwards. You can still buy the brand’s OG silhouette, as well as classic white sneakers, and trendy chunky-soled versions. Expect subtle colors, as well as the classic brand palette of brown or red and green. Gucci has also partnered with fan-fave athletic brand Adidas to launch a wide range of colorful Gazelles — a style that has been everywhere. 

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Golden Goose Sneakers

Golden Goose sneakers look like your favorite pair from years back that have been worn with a lot of love. A good portion of its high and low-tops feature premade scuff marks and “dirt,” which adds to their appeal. Don’t let the slightly worn-out appearance convince you to skip past. Not all styles feature this and even the ones that do are constructed from high-quality calfskin leather. They’re reputably comfortable. too. The bold stars on each shoe are also a trademark of the brand, and some even have glitter. Talk about a shoe with nostalgia. 

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Dior Sneakers

The name alone quickly brings up visions of high-end French couture and classic, ultra-feminine styles. That’s why Dior’s collaboration with Nike felt like such an unlikely pairing, but it worked well. Dior Air Jordans were born, but that’s not the only style of sneaker hailing from this brand. High and low-top silhouettes, hook-and-loop closure straps, and skate sneakers all exist. Fans of logos on their footwear will appreciate how tastefully Dior does it. Whether it’s a splash of the brand’s symbol on part of the upper or the logo repeating on the shoelaces, it feels chic and truly how a high-end sneaker should look from a brand you wouldn’t expect.

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Loro Piana Sneakers

If you’re after sneakers that feel minimal and can fit into any quiet luxury outfit, you’ll want to be aware of Loro Piana. Its shoes feel less like gym clothes and more like everyday footwear that’s comfortable but perfectly wearable for more stylish outfits. The designers aren’t afraid to transfer the materials of their high-end clothes to their footwear either. Quality fabrics like virgin wool, cashmere, and deerskin can be found on their sneakers, too, alongside of materials more typically used in sneaker development like mesh and leather.

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Loewe Sneakers

Perhaps you’re the type who prefers their sneakers to be a little different from the rest. The classic silhouettes appeal to you, but if you can find a shoe that has a unique edge, you’re all in. That’s where Spanish company Loewe thrives. An extra-long tongue? Toe-wrapping soles? Interesting treads? You can tick all those boxes. Although the aesthetics are interesting, there’s still a familiarity in Loewe’s shoes. Many of the sneakers feature a silhouette reminiscent of retro running shoes with a flat sole and rounded, blunt toe.

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Chloé Sneakers

Chloé’s ethereal and earthy (but femininely elegant) style translates into their sneakers as well. They’re elevated and pretty but not boring. One very lovable feature on most of Chloé’s sneakers is the tiny details that differ from traditional tennis shoes. The brand isn’t afraid to play with obvious stitching, bright colors, cuts in the sole, wavy sole edges, and ultra-thick soles. Fortunately, some of their models also go into larger sizes beyond a nine. This is often difficult to find with many other luxury brands. It uses a mix of quality materials like calfskin, as well as more sustainable recycled fabrics.

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Christian Louboutin Sneakers

Yes, even Louboutin’s sneakers feature the brand’s iconic red soles, which is almost reason enough to invest in a pair. It’s hard not to love all the options out there. The brand has a sample of most familiar sneaker silhouettes that you’re probably familiar with from rounded-toe tennis shoes to bulkier versions that fit neatly in the dad shoe trend. Louboutin doesn’t skimp on details either, and interesting ones at that. Printed crepe satin, studs, iridescent flashes, beading, and zig-zag soles all exist to itch the scratch of any collector. 

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