Best Luxury Luggage Brands
Best Luxury Luggage Brands

The 6 Best Luxury Luggage Brands


Traveling is stressful and uncomfortable, and most of it is out of your control. While the end destination is worth the chaos, not many people would choose to hang out at the terminal. (And if you don’t break a sweat working your way through the airport, please share your secrets.) That’s why something as simple as having a good set of suitcases and travel bags is so impactful.


Any little detail that takes some of the overwhelm off matters, including suitcases. Having cargo that you know can glide over any surface, handle any luggage rack, and survive the belly of a plane helps make travel a little more effortless. Hence why luxury luggage is worth the investment. Rather than dealing with a broken wheel or cracked exterior every year or so, there are high-end brands out there dedicated to crafting superb travel bags that can deal with the pressure of the journey and your own high hopes for being stylish at the same time.


There are a few luxury luggage brands that stand out from the rest. Whether it’s simply because of the aerodynamic and sleek design or the fact that it takes hours for their team to handcraft one piece. Here are the names to know if you’re looking for a new familiar face to pluck off the baggage claim belt. 

The Best Luxury Luggage Brands to Take on the Go

Whether you’re after a new rolling suitcase to check with a few weeks’ worth of outfits, a sleek trunk, or something that can go in the overhead bins, these are the brands that offer the best luxury luggage.

1. Rimowa Luggage

You’ve likely seen the shiny silver hard cases of Rimowa’s ultra-popular luggage, especially as of late. Despite the recent uptick in popularity, the brand has actually been around for 126 years. What started as a wooden trunk making business in Germany, quickly grew into a brand famous for its fluted aluminum suitcases, which came to light between the 1920s and 1950s. In 2016, it became part of the prestigious LVMH group. Rimowa now offers a wide range of trunks, checkable bags, and carry-on suitcases in its iconic silver as well as a selection of other chicly curated hues like pale orange, mint, and navy.

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2. Paravel Luggage

Paravel’s sleek bags will fit into any minimalist fashion enthusiast’s travel wardrobe. While looks are top-tier, the brand’s main focus is sustainability. The high-end luggage company created the first carbon-neutral suitcase, which feels fitting for traveling — an industry that has an immense carbon footprint. It offsets through a variety of ways, including planting trees, so you’ll look great on vacation and feel good about your choice, too. Aside from the usual suitcases, the brand has perfected the carry-on with its Weekender bag that is roomy enough for all your books, tablets, headphones, and toiletry bag. It also has handy straps that slide down the handle of a suitcase.

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3. Louis Vuitton Luggage

The French fashion house excels at handbags, suitcases, and trunks — all essential for traveling smart. Whether you want a hard case trunk, soft duffel, or traditional style suitcase, it’s available. Many of Louis Vuitton’s rolling suitcases, like the Horizon 55 and 70, have handles that are almost as wide as the bag itself. This feature stands out from other luggage brands but also offers a touch more stability when you’re wheeling it around. Plus, it’s easy to love the classic brown and monogrammed prints they come in. If you’re after something flashier, the checkerboard patterns, bright hues, and faux distressing of its other suitcases will win you over.

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4. Gucci Luggage

Gucci is known for many things and luxury luggage and trunks is certainly one of them. If you’re already set with rolling suitcases (which Gucci produces, too), you’ve come to the right place for duffel bags and soft cases. Laden with the interlocking G monogram and the iconic Gucci stripes, these bags are primed to be part of your airport ’fit. They’re not all looks though. Most are made out of a strong canvas that’ll be durable and long-lasting for many trips to come. If extra-large checked bags are needed, you’re covered there, too. The Gucci Porter cases and vintage-inspired Savoy trunks are all you need. 

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5. Goyard Luggage

Goyard’s roots are in trunk-making. The company was creating boxes and luggage long before many brands were, back in 1792, so it’s a reliable choice for your modern-day travel needs whether you need a duffel for road trips or something larger for an international flight. Plastered in its trademark Goyardine pattern, you’ll be able to identify your bag from any lineup. Aside from aesthetics, Goyard wanted to be smart about technical design too. For example, its hard trolley is shock-resistant. Outside of the usual, Goyard has hard, compact trunk cases for watches, cigars, and cosmetics — depending what your thing is. It also has a leather garment bag, which is useful for destination wedding travel. 

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6. Tumi Luggage

Tumi is one of the few high-end luggage brands based in the U.S. (Paravel being one of the others). Founded in the ’70s, Tumi and its founder had an immense focus on crafting high-quality bags that were designed with innovative components to make them sturdier and easier to get around. With patents on swivel handles, closure systems, laptop cases, and snap hooks, it’s serious about alleviating pain points for folks on the go. It was swooped up and acquired in 2016 by Samsonite. 

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