2017 Home Decor Trends Resolutions
2017 Home Decor Trends Resolutions

5 Home Decor Resolutions We’re Making in 2017

Words by Jody Hume | 1.7.17
If you’re anything like us, in the same way that your wardrobe is always a shifting, evolving work in progress, the same goes for how you arrange and decorate your space. Whether you’re just starting to define your aesthetic, or you’ve established your decor but are looking to shake it up, there’s always a reason to refine and refresh. For inspiration, we asked our editors to share their resolutions for their spaces in the coming year. Read on to see the trends they’re excited to try, the investment pieces on their must-have lists and why they’re over ‘perfect’ interiors.

1. Buy More Art

Massimo Vitali Photograph Beach SceneMassimo Vitali, Garda Look, 2002, $2,275

“I love and collect contemporary photography because it’s an accessible price point, and I think young contemporary photographers are doing some of the most interesting work right now. Plus the market for photography is very strong currently so if you buy the right pieces, they will grow in resale value. I recently bought this Mary Ellen Bartley piece from the site. If I could buy another piece right now, it would be one of Massimo Vitali’s beach scenes. He’s one of my favorite photographers. His large format photos create whole environments, so you feel like you’re in the scene. Plus, his work is so iconic, it never goes out of style. It would be a nice escape from NY in January.” — Brittany Gersh, Senior Art & Home Curator
“I’ve bought at least one piece of art for the past two years and plan to continue the tradition this year! The pieces I’ve purchased have added such character to my home and continue to be the most delightful and meaningful purchases I’ve made from the site. I have a kind of eclectic collection, and my dream piece lately is one of Sugimoto’s minimalist black and white seascapes. But I also love this piece by New York-based printmaker Susan Kaufmann – it has such a beautiful balance of light and dark and contrasting texture.” — Aubrey Jackson,  Art & Home Specialist

2. Be Less Perfect

Eames Lounge Chair

“This year I’d like to let go of the idea of “finishing” my space. We moved into a new place last March, and we’re still decorating it. In the beginning, I tried so hard to complete every room, but I ended up buying things I didn’t really love just to fill the space. I’m learning that decorating is a constantly evolving process, and it’s better to buy pieces as you see them. I just need to be patient!” — Lauren Bradshaw, Editorial Director
“I and many of the designers and editors I follow are growing weary of Pinterest-perfect interiors. The personal and the intimate are favored over filtered perfection and interiors that appear staged. One of the biggest trends everyone is talking about is Hygge — a Danish word that is used to describe a cozy, warm, joyful, intimate atmosphere. It’s a way of life that is embedding itself in our current mood and spirit, and informing home trends. I try to put only things I love and will last a long time in my home like a handwoven Persian rug, antique dining table, so if my daughter’s toys are strewn about, my space still feels elevated, everything fits and I don’t have to worry about whether it looks pristine.” — Brittany Gersh, Senior Art & Home Curator

3. Invest In Quality

Christofle Serving Ware

Hermès, Herend and Christofle are three of my favorite brands because of their enduring quality, beauty and timelessness. One investment I’m going to make this year is Christofle flatware because it’s something we can keep for generations and I have a particular fondness for tableware because it decorates the place where everyone comes together.” — Brittany Gersh, Senior Art & Home Curator
“I didn’t register for sterling flatware when I got married and have regretted it ever since. Just this past holiday, I set the table with my Bernardaud china and crystal glassware but it was obvious my flatware didn’t match up! I won’t be making that same mistake next holiday.” — Kim Brown, Senior Art & Home Director

4. Try New Colors

2017 Home Decor Resolutions

“I love green, so I’m so excited Greenery is Pantone’s color of the year, but I will be going a shade darker. I have a lot of natural wood and neutrals already in my home, and think a darker shade of green will be the best complement.” — Kim Brown, Senior Art & Home Director
“I love neutrals, so I’m excited about Greenery because it complements natural earthy tones so well. Accent walls are a big commitment, so I try to incorporate new trends and colors in smaller ways such as new throw pillows, vases and decor, or table linens. Once I warm up to a bolder color, I have an easier time taking the plunge to a bigger statement.” — Brittany Gersh, Senior Art & Home Curator

5. Up Our Hosting Game

2017 Home Decor Resolutions

“Brunch is one of my favorite meals to host because it’s easy and casual. I love our all white dinnerware for everyday meals, but one thing I am going to invest in this year, is some more ornate cups, saucers and dishes for brunches. Nothing makes a croissant look better than beautiful china from Royal Crown Derby or Hermès. Plus, I can pass it on to my daughter when she’s older.” — Brittany Gersh, Senior Art & Home Curator
“I love having company over for dinner and drinks so on my list this year is a Baccarat decanter and tumbler set — my personal favorite sets are the Dionysos or Neptune. Baccarat has a clean, timeless look which I think works well with a mid-century aesthetic.” — Aubrey Jackson, Art & Home Specialist
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