A Conversation With Vogue Editor Lynn Yaeger
A Conversation With Vogue Editor Lynn Yaeger

Real Talk: Vogue Editor Lynn Yaeger Dishes on the Nicest Person in Fashion

Words by Jody Hume | 9.9.16
It’s no secret that Lynn Yaeger is one of our fashion world icons. She’s known for her writing for the Village Voice and Vogue, along with her signature eccentric look, and when our Editorial Director Lauren Bradshaw had the chance to talk with her about some of the very special designer pieces she’s collected over the years, we couldn’t help but ask her to stay awhile and get more of her thoughts on the fashion industry. With fashion month kicking off, it’s the perfect time to share them. She told us the story of the lucky break that launched her career in fashion journalism (enter Cosmo’s Helen Gurley Brown), named names when asked about the nicest person in fashion, expressed her ambivalence over the fashion week schedule debate and reacted to the NY Times pointing out her influence on the runways. Click below to watch and get inspired.


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