The Art Of Travel

Words by Lara | 6.27.14

It’s the mystery of faraway places, the adventure in the unknown, the thrill that comes from escape — it’s the joy of travel, and it’s something that poets and authors from Hemingway to Kerouac have documented and dreamt about for centuries. This summer, globe-trotting types will be packing their bags and hitting the roads and airways, so we’re reviewing a few travel essentials for men. To start, you’ll need something to put it all in. Louis Vuitton luggage in the line’s subtle Damier check combines fashion, function and enough durability to withstand baggage check. Prada slip-on sneakers will expedite your time in the security line, and a pair of Ray-Bans in a classic tortoiseshell frame will take you from your drive to the airport to tropical locales. The brand was first designed for pilots in the 30s, so we can’t imagine a better way to fly the friendly skies.

PRADA SPORT SLIP ON SNEAKERSLouis Vuitton Damier BackpackRAY-BAN SUNGLASSESLouis Vuitton Damier Graphite Pegase

In addition to these staples, you’ll need layers for unexpected climate swings. A light nylon jacket doubles as rain protection from surprise summer showers, and a tailored blazer transitions your travel style to evening if dinner plans call for dressier attire. The key is to choose coordinating streamlined basics in easy fabrics that won’t wrinkle before you even board. In other words, leave the linen at home.

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