RealStyle | Secret Guide To Shopping TRR
RealStyle | Secret Guide To Shopping TRR

The Secret Guide to Shopping The RealReal

Words by Jody Hume | 8.16.17
It may come as no surprise that here at The RealReal, we’re avid shoppers of the site. We spend our days working hard to make this platform what it is, and we also devote hours at home to flipping through page after page of product in search of dream pieces. In short, we invest a lot of time here. We’ve become experts at navigating our home turf, so today we’re sharing the ins and outs of shopping The RealReal. While everyone has their own strategy — and trust us, sometimes you need a strategy — there are a few key features that help make shopping the site a successful endeavor every time. Read on to discover our tips and tricks.
Shop La Crème De La Crème With Editors’ Picks
RealStyle | Secret Guide To Shopping TRR
One of our most valuable shopping resources is the Editors’ Picks feature. These items are hand-picked by members of our team to reflect the best that the site has to offer. When searching the site, toggle the filter on the left-hand side to see these editor-approved picks. But how exactly do we decide upon these can’t-miss pieces?
“In women’s, it is essentially a curation of what we, as merchants, would want to add to our own closet,” explains Lauren Reilly, Merchandising Manager, Ready-to-Wear. “We consider all products that are uploaded every day. When choosing these items, we take into consideration what is new and relevant in fashion as well as items that have unique details to them.” Think the latest, most coveted styles from top designers at every price point.
“We look for items that are in high demand, specifically items we don’t get a lot of or that sell out quickly when we do,” adds Lindsey Taft, Merchandising Manager, Fine Jewelry & Watches. “For Fine Jewelry and Watches, we use Editors’ Picks to highlight trending designers and styles that are in stores now. Our selection of unbranded jewelry sets us apart from other luxury sites. With Editors’ Picks we can showcase sought-after and on-trend styles, from a vintage engagement ring to a gold tassel pendant necklace.” Whether it’s women’s, men’s, fine jewelry and watches or art and home, Editors’ Picks is a one-stop shop for all things must-have.
Score New Arrivals Fast
Die-hard shoppers dedicated to the hunt will revel in learning that our new arrivals launch every day at 7am and 4pm, PT. While West Coast shoppers can hit refresh every morning when they wake up and just as they’re about to leave work, East Coast and international shoppers should make sure to do the same in their respective time zones. (If you need a reminder, check your e-mail — new arrivals launch just as our morning and late afternoon e-mails are sent).
Create A Personalized Shopping Experience On The App 
RealStyle | Secret Guide To Shopping TRR
For those who are constantly on the go, The RealReal’s mobile app offers instant shopping gratification. What not all app-lovers may know, however, is that you can customize feeds to filter products and personalize your search. Stay general and create a feed to browse the latest handbags or get detailed and tailor your search to specific designers, categories, sizes, colors and price points. Looking for a black Alaïa dress in a size small that’s under $1,500, a pair of men’s LV x Supreme sneakers in size 10, or a large painting by Ellsworth Kelly featuring red and blue hues? Create a feed for each and it will update whenever new arrivals match your selected criteria. The options are endless.
Optimize Your Search
Meet your new best friend, the search bar. A quick search can illuminate some of the best pieces on our site if you know the right keywords. “I love seeing what current-season items we have coming in, so I search the keywords ‘2017’ and ‘In Stores Now’ every day to find the best pieces,” says Kaila Abruzzo, our Editorial Coordinator. “You can also find amazing, rare pieces by searching ‘Limited Edition’, some of which only have a handful produced in the world.” Searching for a specific year, season and style is a sure way to uncover a few hidden gems. Try entering a pattern or feature — polka dot or ruffle, for example — alongside a designer’s name to match your favorite trends and styles to your favorite designers. And while our “Items With Tags” filter will show you pristine items, you can also include “Excellent” as a keyword to find items that have no visible signs of wear.
Make The Most Of Your Obsessions
RealStyle | Secret Guide To Shopping TRR
While your Obsessions page may seem like a dead giveaway, it offers more functions than you’d first realize. Keeping all of your favorite pieces in one place allows you to not only peruse freely and buy later (should you go classic and invest in a Chanel Boy bag or embrace maximalism and snag a Gucci Dionysus?), but it can also serve as a synthesis of your current tastes. “I love how my Obsessions page doubles as a mood board,” says Kiara Cooper, Authentication & Brand Compliance Manager at The RealReal. “I like to use it as a bookmark as I shop through the site and it lets me see what my style is like at a certain time or season.”
In addition to operating like a mini-Pinterest, your Obsessions can also transform into a curated sale page. “I honestly obsess items at least twice a day,” says Riley Bennett, our Merchandising Project Manager. “It’s the best way to see new markdowns. I’ll use the ‘On Sale Now’ filter and then sort my obsessions from lowest to highest price to find deals on things I love.”
Ready to score the best pieces on the site? Start shopping our Editors’ Picks now.

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