how to tell if your new gucci logo bag (& more) is real
how to tell if your new gucci logo bag (& more) is real

How to Tell if Your New Gucci Logo Bag (& More) Is Real

Words by Jody Hume | 11.12.16
Ever since Alessandro Michele took the helm in 2015, the fashion industry has been abuzz over the “new Gucci.” The latest creative director’s ’70s-inspired, androgynous magpie looks are a far departure from the heritage brand we once knew. Gone are the days of Tom Ford’s shocking ad campaigns and sexed-up runway collections filled with slinky jersey dresses and sheer babydoll tops. Gone are Frida Giannini’s clean lines and functional femininity. But despite the radical change in aesthetic, there is one Gucci mainstay that Michele has revived in a big way: the logo.
“What’s old is new again,” says Senior Authentication Director Graham Wetzbarger. “Alessandro Michele is referencing the archives for many of his designs. The feline heads were used by Tom Ford, the double G logo (sometimes known as GG Running) was used a lot by Giannini, the Web motif and GG Supreme material date back to the early ’70s. The aesthetic in general takes a lot of influence from the ’70s and ’90s, so we see a resurgence in popularity in these older logos.”
And though they may look like the old Gucci, Michele’s new signatures do contain subtle differences, requiring new authentication techniques. Read on to learn more about the new codes and how to spot the real thing with tips from our expert.
The New Gucci Bag


Gucci Dionysus Bag, $2,900

“We’re lucky that Gucci is still so consistent with their manufacturing and standardization of markings. Every bag is marked with style and lot numbers so it makes it easy to reference them. The tab on the interior lining of the bag should be marked with a QC code, and a ‘Made In’ stamp to confirm authenticity,” explains Wetzbarger.
“When it comes to the Dionysus collection specifically, we also pay attention to the casting of the hardware on the clasp. It’s the signature component so you want to make sure it’s accurate. An authentic spur is meticulously cast with fine lines and an intricately detailed design,” Wetzbarger continues. “Many of the bags are also embellished with sequins, appliqué or embroidery. These should be well-executed, really precise and affixed to the bag prominently and permanently. The beaded versions are done by hand by artisans in India so no two are alike; any variation is not necessarily a sign of inauthenticity.”
The New Gucci Shoes

how to tell if your new gucci logo bag (& more) is real
Gucci Aline Pumps, $545

“Gucci uses a lot of different  types of studded ornamentation and embroidery, taking inspiration from things like astrological signs and the natural world. They should always be well-affixed, and the hardware should be antique brass or matte gold-tone,” says Wetzbarger.
“The Aline shoe features a manufactured bow of grosgrain Web ribbon, though it’s not actually tied. The two sides of the center knot are stitched down to create a very flat profile while the tails of the bow are pinched at the center and stitched to the vamp, disappearing under the sole.”

“The insole appliqué adds a sense of whimsy. It’s something just for you that no one else sees. The appliqués vary on each shoe — there’s a mouse, a heart, embroidered lips, an eye — but no matter the shape, they’re all stitched down and then the excess is cut away. It’s like a reverse appliqué. They’re well-secured, not glued or printed, and there should always be stitches around the edges.”
The New Gucci Clothes

how to tell if your new gucci logo bag (& more) is real
Gucci Butterfly Top, $895

“The garment tag on Gucci clothing used to be black, but new items feature either a white or yellow label, and the Gucci Ghost collection’s tag is a highlighter blue. No matter what, a Gucci tag should always be affixed with red thread,” says Wetzbarger. “The signature cable knit Web trim incorporates lurex fibers to give it a metallic quality.”
“The interior fabric tag, which lists where the garment was made, will also list the year and the season. Alessandro Michele’s design methodology is to enable customers to mix pieces from the current collection with those from the past, but it’s still interesting to ID the season/year, and it’s always a quick and easy way to authenticate since runway collections are available online.”
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