Shop Like A Fashion Insider: Francesca Ragazzi


Francesca Ragazzi, Fashion Market Director for Vogue Italia, L’Uomo Vogue loves to imagine the story behind every vintage and pre-owned piece in her wardrobe. The Bologna-native’s personal style speaks to her Italian roots and her love of novelty patterned Prada, classically elegant jewelry and alluring thigh-high boots by Santoni. Ragazzi likes to pull pieces from different eras to create outfits that feel fresh and modern. Ragazzi tells TRR about her style, her cherished vintage pieces and the stories they tell.

Describe your style in three words: Jazzy, Classic, Feminine.

Three favorite brands/designers:
Afterhomework (Paris), Marina Moscone (NYC), Act 1 (Italy).

Three pieces in your closet you never tire of?
There is an Attico dress that will never leave my closet. It was Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini’s first Attico collection, and I was so proud to see how two Italian girls put such strong ideas together combining past, present and future. Sexiness and elegance. They offered me this dress and I’ve worn it many times all around the world.

My mum’s iconic Ralph Lauren uniform jacket is always with me. Combined with a romantic dress to make it more cool or simply with a pair of jeans for my daily office routine. She bought it while she was modeling in New York City in the late ’90s and I love imagining her strolling around with it and her red hair.

I cannot get tired of these Miu Miu Boots that I bought in Paris on the day I was told I got a job at Vogue. I didn’t hesitate one second and didn’t even get them with a discount. I wanted something ‘Parisian’ and fabulous to be the symbol of my happiness.

It’s a chilly February 2020 day in Paris, New York, Milan…what are you wearing? (Head to Toe)
I would wear a blazer by Blazè Milano, a Philosophy sweater, a printed skirt by Marni, a pair of
cuissardes [thigh-high] boots by Santoni, a Bottega Veneta bag, sunglasses by Celine, and a ring and a pair of earrings by Tiffany & Co. Some of my other favorites are Marco De Vincenzo and Wandler.

What’s your most exciting consignment find?
The most exciting consignment I have found was a Cèline dress from the 2017 Resort collection. 

What’s the greatest thing about buying consignment?
The best thing about vintage consignment is the storytelling you build up in your mind while scrolling clothes and accessories. You start dreaming and thinking about who the owner was — imagining how many countries that same dress has already visited. You also travel through the times because you can explore the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s … even the ’50s if you’re lucky! It’s such a joy to find out about so much forgotten stuff and share them with your friends. It is very exciting and requires a lot of editing, which is a big challenge, but the secret to finding the right thing!!

What pieces are you looking for now?
Today we heard that Jean Paul Gaultier is going to present his last show in Paris, so I think that we should all be on the hunt for his iconic sheet shirts. A friend of mine is completely obsessed and even after many years, they are so modern and flattering. Same for [Christian] Lacroix, I always look for them! Even the jewelry! 

Have consignment sites like The RealReal changed the way you think about/approach shopping/dressing? If so, how?

To be honest, consignment sites haven’t changed my personal way of approaching shopping (just yet), because I’m still a big fan of going out, all together with friends, trying stuff on and having that physical experience. But The RealReal, and these platforms in general, have drastically revolutionized my way of thinking about shopping, especially in my job as editor in a magazine. I use them to find inspirations, to get the whole picture of what is up in the market, trends etc. … from everywhere and in any moment, so it is amazing. Now it’s time to sell some clothes from my wardrobe!

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