Model Daniela Kocianova on set

Meet the Scandi Stylist Behind Our Latest Commercial

Words by Jody Hume | 4.10.19
Spring is in the air, and our newest commercial is now on the airwaves. Along with choreography provided by Rolling Stones creative movement director Stephen Galloway, we enlisted Copenhagen native and Rika Magazine fashion director Alex Carl who styled looks featuring prints, accessories and bold silhouettes, all of which played up the sense of movement.

We caught up with Carl and our own creative director, Bianca Wendt, to get the details on the creative process behind the shoot filmed at Lock studios in London. Read on for inspiration and we’ll see you on TV.

Alex Carl, Fashion Director

Handbags, ready for their close-up

How did you approach the styling for this shoot?
We created a narrative around three different characters so we had a story to build on. As a stylist, you don’t just put nice clothes together, you have to form characters and create an inspiring story around them. It’s what creates the energy in the pictures essentially – when there’s something more than just nice clothes. That’s why casting is also so crucial. We made sure the two models we cast were in tune with the women we imagined for the story. That way it feels believable to everyone including the girls themselves – it’s like acting I guess. It was a very playful process altogether.
There’s a lot of fun, bold pattern mixing going on here. What’s your advice for pulling the look off in real life?
I think you should always have fun with styling, especially when it comes to yourself. It should be playful, not too serious. But feeling comfortable is always essential — it translates and creates confidence. We had a lot of fun mixing and matching the looks for the campaign but I think starting with a couple of bold accessories is a good beginning. Could be a pop of colour for the shoes or socks, a bag with a light pattern, a graphic earring — something which will elevate an everyday uniform. I don’t change my style that much but I do love to play with details. That’s where you can really add a personal touch to a look.

Model Daniela Kocianova on set

Funnest moment: When Stephen showed off iconic dance moves, which was pretty much every second that day.
Piece you wish you could have taken home with you: The Bottega bags!! I’m obsessed.
Something that was on your mood board for the shoot: Sometimes the best inspiration comes from everyday life. Laundry, especially in sunny places where the prints and colours are faded and unusual, I find super inspiring and invigorating recently. Some people who were on the board: Joan Didion, Caroline Besette Kennedy, Phoebe Philo.

Bianca Wendt, Creative Director

Accessory inspiration

What was the creative concept for this shoot and how did you come up with it?
Building on the last TV commercial, which had one female model, we wanted to personify our different customers —  from the person who’s looking for a rare find, to someone younger trying out trends to the minimalist who turns to classic pieces. We also wanted to represent our men’s audience. We thought about what these people would wear to different events — a surprise birthday dinner or a private viewing at an art gallery. We wanted it to be fun and upbeat, not too polished and showcase some of the amazing pieces that TRR has to offer.

Model Maggie Maurer on set

How did you put together the creative team?
We reached out to a combination of people we worked with last time — Sean and Seng as photographers and Stephen as choreographer (and this time also starring in front of the camera), as well as new contributors, like our models Maggie Maurer and Daniela Kocianova. I had seen Alex Carl’s work and really liked her unexpected combinations and use of color.
Funnest moment of the day: Stephen’s playlists — there was a lot of dancing.
Piece you wish you could have taken home with you: The Daniel Lee-designed Bottega Veneta green and black woven mega tote!
Favorite after-shoot spot in London: We had a great meal to celebrate after the shoot at Clarette in Marylebone.
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