Thanksgiving Style Mia Moretti
Thanksgiving Style Mia Moretti

On the Farm with Mia Moretti: Her Thanksgiving Menu, Playlist & More

Words by Jody Hume | 11.17.15
For DJ Mia Moretti, Thanksgiving is a time to step back and give thanks for the creative life she’s built. Her family’s rustic retreat, SucherNova farms, is the perfect place to unplug from her busy schedule of international travel and high-profile gigs. There, she enjoys the simple pleasures of picking vegetables, preparing dishes for the farm’s Thanksgiving menu, or styling the table: “I use what’s in season as table decorations,” she says. “Whether it’s artichokes, pomegranates or citrus. I love to use huge cabbage heads instead of flowers as centerpieces, so don’t be afraid to look outside, literally, and to see what’s right in front of you. You can set a table like you pick an outfit: pick a theme, whether it’s a color palette or a texture, then find the common thread that will tie it all together.” Here, she shares a few more of her Thanksgiving tips as well as recipes and a hand-picked playlist.
What’s your Thanksgiving tradition? What’s on the menu at your family’s farm-to-table Thanksgiving?
Everyone brings a dish. I always make the antipasti, which is an Italian tradition, but it works for every holiday and every culture because who doesn’t love a mezze style plate to nibble at before dinner is served. I fill it with hearts of palm, fresh baby carrots, jicama, baby corn, green and black olives, stuffed peppers, eggplant caponata, roasted red peppers, chunks of aged parmesan and anything else that I can pile on.

Thanksgiving Menu SucherNova Farms

Thanksgiving Style Mia Moretti

Do you have a favorite fall cocktail or a signature drink each year at Thanksgiving?
I love the farm’s recipe for homemade Fall Amaro Punch.

Thanksgiving Fall Amaro PunchFall Amaro Punch Recipe Thanksgiving

Can you share a favorite recipe?
This is a great holiday recipe for Fermented Pumpkin Butter from the farm’s blog,

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Butter Recipe

What’s on your Thanksgiving playlist?
Bluegrass covers from all decades are a great way to bridge generation gaps. Here’s my Spotify playlist for this year.

Thanksgiving Style Mia Moretti

Tips for being a good Thanksgiving guest?
You can never have too much wine or too many pies, but most importantly leave your woes at the door and bring a happy, hungry heart to the table.

Thanksgiving Mia Moretti SucherNova Farms

What are you thankful for?
The freedom to be whoever I want to be every day, and the support I have around me that allows me to do that.

Thanksgiving Mia Moretti SucherNova FarmsInspired by Mia’s style? Shop her curated edit of Thanksgiving looks inspired by her farm-to-table dinners at SucherNova.

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