Luxury Consignment Céline
Luxury Consignment Céline

Luxury Consignment Report: the Céline Pieces to Sell Now

Words by Jody Hume | 2.17.15
With designs that appeal to minimalists and over-the-top street style stars alike, Céline’s fashion influence under designer Phoebe Philo is undeniable. One of the most popular brands on The RealReal, Céline’s resale value has skyrocketed since Philo took the helm at the fashion house in 2008. “We get Céline pieces consigned from everywhere across the country, but New Yorkers consign the most Céline,” reveals Women’s Category Director Sasha Skoda. Which pieces are right to sell now? For our luxury consignment report, we turned to Skoda to break down the most-coveted pieces with the highest resale value and seasonal appeal. Consign them now while the timing is right, and you’ll maximize your return to invest in new season pieces.

1. Céline Handbags

“When it comes to our best-selling handbags, Céline occupies three of the top ten slots,” explains Skoda. Luxury Consignment Céline“People are most obsessed with the Trapeze bag, but the Phantom is actually our best and fastest-selling Céline handbag. It’s on the most waitlists, with pop colors and colorblock styles being the most popular — they also retain the most resale value.”
Coming in a close second is the Mini Luggage Tote. Now a street style classic, the Mini Luggage strikes perhaps the most practical note on the size scale of Céline’s Luggage line, making demand for this style widespread.

Luxury Consignment Céline Mini Luggage

With Céline’s new shape —  the Curve bag debuted for Spring 2015 — it’s a great time to consign these past Céline styles or even more recent ones. Skoda says: “Since its release in 2014, the Small Tie Tote has become one of our most popular Céline handbag styles.” If you’re interested in taking one of 2015’s new It bags for a spin, consider consigning your Trapeze, Phantom or Tie Tote to earn money towards your new investment.

2. Céline Shoes

Of course, Phoebe Philo’s influence is not limited to It bags. She also has a knack for designing footwear that flies off the shelves. Skoda sees Céline’s slip-on sneakers, which call to mind skate culture but now signal the pre-runway show kind of street style, holding on to their popularity. A perfect transitional style, “People will be looking for them going into spring and summer,” Skoda says.

Luxury Consignment Céline Trapeze

Another sought-after Céline style? The infamous mink-lined ‘furkenstocks.’ People seemed to either love them or hate them, but either way they heralded the comfort footwear trend that will still be going strong this spring.

Luxury Consignment CélineLuxury Consignment Céline

Shoppers will also be looking for sleek, high-heeled sandal options, and Céline’s ankle strap style is in high demand in that category.

3. Céline Clothing

“Céline is really well known for their beautiful, luxurious knits,” says Skoda, with colorblock styles among the most popular. And speaking of color, the house’s cotton candy-hued coats are another still-trending item to consign, along with other transitional pieces like springtime leather which was popular on this season’s runways.

Luxury Consignment Céline Coat

4. Céline Sunglasses

Luxury Consignment CélineLuxury Consignment Céline

“Out of all of the sunglasses brands we carry, Céline has one of the top resale values,” says Skoda, noting that classic black pairs sell fastest and go for the highest prices. Many shoppers invest in a new pair each spring, so now is the right time to consign these seasonal staples.
Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of which pieces are in most in-demand, you’re in the best position to get the maximum return on your Céline investment. Interested in consigning? Learn more here.


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