Louis Vuitton handbags
Louis Vuitton handbags

Pop Quiz: Which Louis Vuitton Bag Are You?

Words by Jody Hume | 7.10.20
A Louis Vuitton bag is a thing of beauty. Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, Louis Vuitton bags are symbols of travel, worldliness and unbridled coolness. But what’s behind that je ne sais quoi? Is it the heritage allure, accomplished by decades of fine-tuning and finessing? The on-trend designs that continue to endure? The spirit of travel, French culture and pure possibility that permeates every piece produced? Likely, it’s all of the above, though every person has their own unique story of falling in love with a Louis Vuitton bag for the first time. So whether your love story is yet to unfold, or you’ve been in a torrid affair with Louis Vuitton bags for years, why not take a quiz to find out where you stand with the maison now? Ten questions separate you from the Louis Vuitton bag that should grace your shoulder or wrist. Dive in below, then get our fashion experts’ take on resale value, trends and authenticity.   1. Your ideal bag…  A) Helps you juggle your 9-5, the kids and a social life  B) Keeps the essentials within reach  C) Makes a statement, no matter where you go  D) Is as capacious as possible, and also doubles as chic storage at home E) Marries your quirky style with your love of luxury   2. When you’re not shopping Louis Vuitton, you go for… A) The classics: Hermès, Chanel, Manolo Blahnik B) Chic, understated finds: #OldCéline, Cartier, The Row C) Trending designers: Bottega Veneta, Ganni, Jacquemus D) An international bevy of brands: Johanna Ortiz, Gabriela Hearst, Stine Goya E) Unconventional favorites: Dries Van Noten, Telfar, Prada   3. What’s your M.O. when getting dressed? A) Every look should be elegant and put-together B) You’re a minimalist who values function but never sacrifices form C) You let your accessories do all the talking D) Come rain or shine, you’re always prepared and ready for adventure   E) Your outfit always represents your mood    4. Lately you’ve been spending your time… A) Enjoying family while finding the perfect work-life balance  B) Keeping to yourself and contemplating what you really need  C) Adjusting to a slower-paced lifestyle and constantly checking IG for style inspo D) Indulging your wanderlust by planning a future trip E) Watching culture documentaries   5. Your last splurge was… A) A diamond watch B) Luxe sneakers for grocery runs C) Camera-ready earrings for your many virtual happy hours D) Sunnies and a pair of staycation slides E) An online class or workshop to learn something new   6. What’s your typical Zoom background? A) Your backyard patio, your basement… wherever you can find peace and quiet B) The cleanest, tidiest corner of your space C) A curated wall of fashionable conversation starters D) A tropical beach wallpaper E) Bold artwork that captures your personality   7. What’s your consignment philosophy? A) When you need to make room in your wardrobe, you’ll consign B) One piece in, one piece out C) You’re constantly consigning and shopping — it’s an endless cycle D) You log a lot of miles via plane and car, so you consign for sustainability’s sake E) You sell when something in your collection reaches peak resale value   8. The one thing you’d never sell? A) The beloved Hermès Avalon blanket in your living room B) Your first investment bag C) That one pair of shoes that magically completes any outfit D) The jewelry you’ve picked up throughout your travels E) An archival Comme des Garçons dress   9. Your drink of choice… A) Remains timeless: a vodka martini B) Is simple yet elevated: gin & sparkling water C) Doubles down on buzz-worthiness: an Aperol Spritz D) Is a getaway in a glass: a mojito or a mai tai E) Is a tad out-of-the-ordinary: milk tea punch   10. Choose an emoji. A) 💄 B) 🙃 C) ✨ D) 🏙️ E) 👾     Elegance, polish and composure are your calling cards — even if your daily tasks tell another story. From the second you open your eyes to the moment you sink into bed at night, you’re in constant motion. You are the master of crossing tasks off your list, maintaining order in your household and saving the day at work, and usually all at once. Even if your grind looks a little different than it did six months ago, you need a workhorse bag that can keep up with your fast-paced flow, and if any Louis Vuitton tote can answer your prayers, it’s a Neverfull or an OnTheGo. What could fit mountains of paperwork, your current book club pick and today’s lunch, as well as everyday essentials and toys hastily scooped up from view before your next meeting? A bag that promises to be your bottomless pit, and a tote so perfect for busy bodies, it was named for it. TRR Tip: “Elevated totes are extremely versatile,” says Women’s Editorial Lead Noelle Sciacca. “They can fit a laptop for business or a book and blanket for the beach. It’s the perfect carryall for a world where working remotely has become the new norm.” And if you ever choose to consign, you may earn that return-on-investment. “Depending on the colorway, the practical, oversized OnTheGo tote can hold a resale value up to 140%,” adds Associate Merchandise Manager Kelly McSweeney. We Know Real: “For OnTheGo totes in the popular Monogram Giant collection, make sure to check the size of the monograms throughout,” says Handbag Valuation Manager Cynthia Buchan. “The monogram should be featured in two to three varying scales, with the main canvas panel featuring the largest-scale monogram, the panels and bag base featuring a medium-scale monogram, and the trim featuring small-scale monograms.”   You say more with less, taking a practical approach to personal style. You like to keep your life streamlined and effortless, from your morning routine to your closet (probably organized by color, item and designer), and your handbag is no exception. While compact bags have been de rigueur for a few seasons now, you opt for ones that epitomize functionality and have timeless appeal — which is why the Speedy, Pochette Accessoires, Eva and Papillon are right up your alley. These compact classics will carry everything your pared-down lifestyle requires and then some… and they’ll look good while doing it. TRR Tip: “Search for the Louis Vuitton Eva clutch grew 25% in the second quarter of the year,” says Associate Merchandise Manager Kelly McSweeney, confirming its popularity in the secondary market. And if you’re looking for a solid buy with future resale potential, consider the Papillon. “The Papillon’s resale value has risen 20% since last year!” notes McSweeney. We Know Real: “The classic Monogram version of the Louis Vuitton Speedy is produced in four sizes,” says Handbag Valuation Manager Cynthia Buchan. “The 25, 30, 35 and 40. Each bag number refers to the bag’s length, and should increase by 5cm. If any Speedy bag is either smaller, bigger or a different size than 25, 30, 35 or 40cm, it may be inauthentic. Note that there is also a miniature version of the Speedy, the Nano Speedy, which should measure approximately 16cm in length.”   You’re in the know and on the go, a fashion-forward, multitasking wonder whose claim to fame was once cramming the gym, a full day of work, happy hour, dinner with your partner and dancing till dawn into 24 hours without breaking a sweat. You still dress your best — even if you spend most days at home — and tackle the world virtually, glued to your computer or phone. You’ve even been so distracted that you’ve left the grocery store, cafe or park without your bag, which is why a hands-free option is the hero you need to save the day. An unencumbered life is a life worth pursuing… especially since a Palm Springs backpack or chic monogram belt bag will also allow you two hands for constant texting, typing and tweeting. TRR Tip: Louis Vuitton belt bags are a smart investment. They hold up to 119% of their original retail price on average, especially if they’re in excellent or pristine condition. We Know Real: “Certain Louis Vuitton backpack styles will interfere with the alignment of the monogram, cropping it in some places,” notes Handbag Valuation Manager Cynthia Buchan. “It’s a common misconception that if the monogram does not cross over a seam, it is a counterfeit, but due to the bags’ construction, that is not always the case.”   You’re the adventurous type who’s racked up more frequent flier miles than anyone you know. Though you might not be able to enjoy the Alps on a ski retreat or book a beachfront cabana for the foreseeable future, you’ve still created hypothetical itineraries for the trips out of sheer habit. Packing light is not in your vocabulary, and when you’re back to full jet-set capacity, you’ll need something sophisticated yet sturdy to weather chalet life and island-hopping alike — think roomy Keepall or svelte Pégase suitcase. Don’t be surprised, though, if fellow tourists give your luxurious Louis Vuitton luggage a look of envy. It’s unavoidable. TRR Tip: “Although Louis Vuitton’s Damier pattern was first introduced in 1888, the Azur colorway feels sporty and modern,” says Women’s Editorial Lead Noelle Sciacca. “The checkered pattern adds a playful summer touch, whether it’s on a Keepall or another travel-ready piece.”  We Know Real: Every Louis Vuitton Keepall — and every Louis Vuitton bag in general — will have an alphanumeric brand stamp, consisting of two letters and four numbers. “The two letters should refer to the country and factory where the bag was produced,” explains Handbag Valuation Manager Cynthia Buchan. “The four-digit date code should help identify when the bag was created. The first and third numbers on pre-2007 bags should align with the production week, while on post-2007 bags they should align with the production month. And no matter what year the bag was produced, the second and fourth numbers should align with the production year.”   There’s no denying it — you follow the beat of your own sartorial drum. While you’re a true luxury lover, if something doesn’t vibe with your aesthetic, you’re not interested. You’ve spent weeks on end searching for vintage collectibles, rare art and archival fashion pieces online, and have been known to adopt outlandish trends way ahead of the curve. The avant-garde and unexpected intrigue you, which is why you’ll be able to incorporate the New Wave, an eye-catching bucket bag or the shapely Ellipse into your rotation without a second thought. While handbags may rise and fall in popularity with the masses, you apply your signature inimitable finesse to every purchase. Offbeat icons like the Noé have their own distinct personalities, but you’re one of the few who can truly make them your own. TRR Tip: “Bucket bags were all over the Spring/Summer 2020 runways,” notes Women’s Editorial Lead Noelle Sciacca, “as were geometric-shaped bags, like the Ellipse. They’re both fun summer favorites that can also work year-round.” Plus, if LV New Wave bags are your thing, take note of their outstanding resale value — on average, they hold up to 92% of their retail price in the secondary market. We Know Real: “Louis Vuitton’s original New Wave bags should close with a branded push-lock closure,” says Handbag Valuation Manager Cynthia Buchan. “Note that the female end of the closure should have the brand’s LV signature etched into the hardware.”  

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