How To Not Look Like A Tourist Bag
How To Not Look Like A Tourist Bag

International Male: How to Not Look Like a Tourist This Summer

Words by Lauren | 5.14.15
We all know the stereotype of the tacky tourist — the dad sneakers, the too-high socks, the camera around the neck. No one wants to be him, or be seen with him, but what’s a modern man to do when presented with the dilemma of traveling in style but also, comfort and practicality? We say, take your cues from the ultimate expert at blending in: Waldo. The spectacled traveler always knew how to dress like the locals in his red and white stripes, sensible walking shoes and messenger bag (which, no doubt, was Louis Vuitton). Follow his lead with our style rules for updated vacation dressing.
How To Not Look Like A Tourist

1. Leave the gym sneakers at home.  

Instead, opt for a sleek combat boot for rugged terrain or an elevated sandal for wandering in town or by the beach. “The sporty sandal is so hot right now,” says Style & Editorial Director Ashley Munns. “Traveling always requires so much schlepping and wear and tear on your feet, so do them a favor and let them breathe. Our Prada pair (above) can easily transition from day to night by pairing them with cool dress pants. It’s the high-low trend with comfort in mind.”

2. Keep your sunglasses simple.

How To Not Look Like A TouristHow To Not Dress Like A TouristHow To Not Dress Like a Tourist SunglassesSporty wraparound shades make total sense if you’re riding in the peloton, but wear them at a sidewalk cafe and well, you look ridiculous. “You want a pair that can go from days at the beach to walking around the plaza, so classic sunglasses are best,” says Munns. “You can never go wrong with a set of aviators.”

3. Wear a watch at all times.

How To Not Look Like A TouristA watch is an absolute must on the road so you can stay on schedule, but it also adds instant polish to both casual and dressier looks. Plus, nothing’s worse than a tourist who is constantly looking down at their phone. Our suggestion: select a watch that marks the hour in two different time zones, like the Rolex GMT Master watch, in case you’re country-hopping.


4. Don’t forget a scarf.

A lightweight scarf is an absolute must for any plane, train or boat ride, and it takes up zero space in your bag,” says Munns. “I love how it dresses up an outfit when tied around the neck or tucked it into a collar just the right way. It’s the best way to show personality with a peek of paisley or a stitch of stripe showing.”
How To Not Look Like A Tourist

5. Pack classic pieces, like stripes. 

“Stripes are a universal fashion statement,” says Munns. “I think they feel particularly summery in primary colors, because of the nautical and patriotic connotation they stir in people.” Bring striped shorts for daytime, or add a touch to your nighttime look with a hint of a striped pocket square.

6. Bring these three bags. 

How To Not Look Like A TouristHow To Not Look Like A TouristHow To Not Look Like A Tourist ToteYou need three bags for long trips: one checked bag, one daytime bag for sightseeing, and one carryon duffle bag that can double as a weekend bag (in case you shoot off to a different location for a few days). “Pick one in a stand-out primary color — a bright bag looks great with any outfit,” suggests Munns. “I love the Louis Vuitton Epi Keepall, because the texture helps the bag keep its shape over time. It lasts forever.” 
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