How Stylist Alexandra Carl Created A Sense of Community In Our Latest Commercial


Throwing ourselves into spring? It feels harder than previous years given current events. But there is an opportunity to reflect on what’s to come and certainly celebrate the community we’ve formed along the way. Take Alexandra Carl, for instance—a frequent TRR collaborator who worked closely with us to develop our uplifting vision for the new season in our spring commercial. Pulling Bottega Veneta coats in python imitation, oversized sculpted shoulder Balenciaga dresses, and #oldceline Phoebe Philo gold earrings, the Scandinavian creative and Rika Magazine fashion editor culled a joyous, irreverent mix of looks that perfectly played off the network of friends who wore them all too well. The results are certainly filled with opportunities to rethink how we dress, but also how we relate to one another—something we could all use at this moment.

Here, the stylist tells us about the project’s inspired message, how she pushed sustainability into her own on-set work, and what she’s looking forward to most this season. 


It’s A Spring Awakening

“We wanted the styling to feel playful, full of life and texture which is exactly what I feel like we all want to embrace when it comes to the long-awaited summer. Beautiful hues of sky blue, limoncello, khaki and pops of tangerine red.” 

How The Vision Came Together

“When we first kick the [creative] process off, it’s all about collaboration and energy. It’s my favorite part because all options are open to be explored, which I always feel the [The RealReal] team lets me do. We arrive with pre-existing ideas, of course, and then start exploring opportunities once you see the clothes on the body and in movement. We discuss all the characters together to make sure the campaign embodies variety and has the desired dynamic of people.”


Working Amongst Friends

“We worked with Oliver and Stephen [Galloway] in creating the energy of the group and moments of coming together, which is the key message for me. I wanted the group to feel like friends, collaborators, a collective; each of them representing a trend, but also things I naturally feel attracted to. That’s the great thing about mixing vintage and contemporary together: you can work more on creating a style rather than just fleeting trends. After all, style is consistent and not just about embracing the latest and newest.


How Alexandra Styles With Sustainability In Mind

“I’ve always collected vintage pieces—firstly from my grandmother, then my mother. When I started styling and didn’t have access to the biggest brands yet it was a brilliant source to explore. I continue to include a lot of vintage and archive pieces when I can in my magazine [work], but also try to encourage and support designers in the idea that not everything has to be reimagined every three or six months. If you did a great shape of trouser or coat why not just update the colorway, but keep it in the selection for the customer to choose? I think we would be surprised at how many people would actually love to own the same piece in various colors and textures if we just allowed them the choice.”


Alexandra’s Own Closet Refresh This Spring

“I always love tailoring so the short suits are going straight into my wardrobe. I sometimes struggle with very feminine summer clothes so the menswear-inspired summer attire is very much on my list. The hues of yellows and khakis are another favorite–very easy to implement in your wardrobe and freshen up the palette you might already have invested in from fall.”

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