Loeffler Randall Jessie Randall Home
Loeffler Randall Jessie Randall Home

Home Decor Picks & Styling Tips from Loeffler Randall’s Jessie Randall

Words by Jody Hume | 10.5.16
As the designer behind beloved shoe brand Loeffler Randall, Jessie Randall knows her way around a mood board, color palette and material selection, so it’s no surprise she’s adapted these skills to create envy-inducing spaces at her home and office. Characterized by restrained yet happy hues, careful editing and cozy textural elements, Randall’s style is a harmonious mix of minimalism and warmth. Read on for her tips on readying your space for fall, her favorite artists and designers and her curated edit of home pieces on the site that you can shop to get her style.
Your home is minimal yet still feels warm and lived-in. What are your tips for creating a less-is-more space that feels inviting?
When my space is uncluttered it feels serene and calm to me. I have a lot of hidden storage in my house where all the junk can go. I also think sticking to a color palette is nice. Editing is important! More than color, I like to use texture to create warmth and a sense of coziness.
How do you make your home feel cozy for fall?
I think creating a space that is actually comfortable to be in is part of adding warmth – having some chairs that are truly easy to laze about in, having a comfortable couch, etc. I also like an abundance of beautiful, functional items like wool blankets and quilts and throws. Textural elements like rugs, wall hangings and textured pillows also add warmth. And the number one way to add warmth is to have a cozy fireplace!
What’s your favorite room in your house and why?
I love my living room. I have a really comfortable chair. There is a lot of beautiful light from the windows. I can put a log in the fire, curl up under a blanket and work on a craft project with my feet up on the coffee table. I love that.
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What’s a design mistake you have made or that people often make?
I’ve made the mistake of putting something in a room just because I love it. But I try to be more careful now about how I curate my space. Not everything that I love works in every space. I like to set up little sets of rules for myself – including a color palette and a raw material palette. Another mistake I’ve made is trying to do it all myself. I have loved the times when I have hired an interior design friend to help out. I can get too close to a project in my own home, too emotionally attached to certain things. Having someone with beautiful taste to bounce ideas off of is so helpful. The collaboration always brings about a better result.
If you can only splurge on one piece for your home, what should it be?
For me that would be a great sofa or nice set of matching chairs. They can set the tone for the room.
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How often do you switch up your decor? What is your advice for editing?
I like to get the decorating done — the big pieces of furniture, the rugs — all at once. After that I am just picking out little items to layer on top. My advice for editing is start with a mood board and a color and material palette — it makes it easier and the end result more cohesive.
What influences your home design? Where do you find aesthetic inspiration?
I love things that are simple, textural, modern yet warm. I’m so inspired by textiles and ceramics and crafts. I love the work of Cold Picnic, Phase Design, Hay Design, Dana Haim, Eskayel, Fort Standard, Jess Brown, etc. And there are lots of people I’ve found on Instagram. Some I’ve asked to make custom things for me. I also love to go to my favorite craft store, Purl Soho and look at the beautiful yarn and felt and Liberty Fabrics to get inspired.
Who are your favorite artists?
My favorite way to incorporate art is to have beautiful ceramics and rugs and other handmade items in my home. I love the store Mociun – they have the most gorgeous ceramics. I like wall hangings. The work of Brook & Lynn, M. Quan, etc.

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