Luxury Home Consignment
Luxury Home Consignment

12 Home Decor Pieces to Consign This Spring

Words by Jody Hume | 4.11.15
We’re big on consigning as a way to help you refresh your closet for spring. And now, good news! You’re not limited to the clothing, fine jewelry and art you want to resell, because we’re now accepting home decor consignment. In the same way that it’s important (and freeing) to re-evaluate your closet and invest in new things, updating your furniture, lighting and decorative accessories can transform the way you feel about your space.
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Brittany Gersh, Senior Curator
Whether you’re moving into a bigger or smaller place, or just want to try updated colors and textures to give new life to the pieces you already have, taking advantage of home decor consignment is the perfect way to give your interiors a makeover. Here, Senior Curator Brittany Gersh breaks down the home decor pieces to consign now to get the best return on your investment.


Home Decor Consignment

“These three pieces are timeless, and hold their resale value very well,” says Gersh. “People are still fascinated by Le Corbusier’s work 50 years after his death — an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou celebrating his influence on architecture and design is opening later this month.”

Pillows, Blankets & Rugs

Home Decor Consignment

“Swapping out these smaller items is easy and a less expensive way to really change and refresh the look of your space. As with their luxury fashion items, Hermès’ quality craftsmanship ensures their home decor pieces stand the test of time, which means they hold their resale value incredibly well.”


Home Decor Consignment


“Changing the lighting in a room can be very transformative. It’s also a great minimal way to update without adding any clutter — different lighting changes shadows, shapes and the emphasis on different areas in a room.”

Decorative Accessories

Home Decor Consignment

“If you’re more of a maximalist, decorative accessories are a great way to have fun with changing the look of a room. Spring and summer often mean hosting more parties and events, and updated decor goes a long way to making a space feel festive.”

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