Our Art & Home Team's Holiday Hosting Hacks | RealStyle
Our Art & Home Team's Holiday Hosting Hacks | RealStyle

Our Art & Home Team’s Holiday Hosting Hacks

Words by Noelani Piters | 11.13.17
November is finally upon us, and as the days have become chillier and the nights longer, holiday cheer and warmth are rushing to meet the shift in seasons. The holidays give us a chance to visit loved ones, reconnect with old friends and get to know co-workers and acquaintances, and a flurry of boisterous parties and familial celebrations is fast-approaching.
Gatherings large and small hold a certain type of magic during the holidays, but the overwhelming nature of decorating, planning and hosting an event can deter many from throwing their own soirée. We asked our Art & Home experts for their tips and tricks to hosting an effortless event. Keep reading to hack your way to a successful, stress-free holiday party.

Let Guests DIY The Drinks 

RealStyle | Holiday Hosting Hacks

Fabergé Odessa Ice Bucket, $295; Triangular Crystal Decanter, $45Ralph Lauren Modern Metropolis Bar Trolley, $1,845

“A well-stocked bar cart is a great way to save space and time. Letting guests mix their own drinks frees up your time as host, and helps create a flow for guests to congregate in designated areas of your home. Nice barware and an ice bucket are a must!” —Brenna Tracy, Associate Merchandise Manager

Elevate Your Space With Gold & Greenery

RealStyle | Holiday Hosting Hacks
“I like incorporating rich colors and textures, including gold and pewter in my decor, as well as lots of fresh greenery, berries and citrus as accents. Visit your florist or local farmer’s market to get a sense of what’s in season and how you’d like to best incorporate these natural elements in your decor. You can also save tree trimmings to add touches of woody resin and amber to your home.”  —Christina Capela, Associate Merchandise Manager

Keep Your Party Guests In The Present

RealStyle | Holiday Hosting Hacks

Royal Crown Derby Avesbury Salad Serving Bowl, $225; Elizabeth Lyons Hand-Blown Glass Vessel, $375Stone Pedestal Bowl, $245

“Worried that your family and friends will have trouble unplugging? I suggest placing a desk organizer or bowl in the entryway or near a secluded section of your home. Keeping your guests’ electronics out of the way will help them stay in the moment while allowing them to subtly exit to a quiet space if they need to check messages or take a call.” —Brittany Gersh, Senior Fine Art & Home Specialist 

Set The Mood

RealStyle | Holiday Hosting Hacks
“Setting a great table for the holidays does not have to be overly complicated. Candlesticks and votives are a great, easy way to make a holiday gathering feel special. Adding beautiful china and serving pieces in a variety of patterns helps keep things both festive and low-key.” —Brenna Tracy, Associate Merchandise Manager

Keep It Personal

RealStyle | Holiday Hosting Hacks

Herend Lion & Lioness Porcelain Figurine, $825; Limoges Ceramic Head Sculpture, $145; Lalique Pomme Perfume Bottle, $875

“I like to mix and match tableware to create a luxe, layered look. And don’t forget to accessorize — adorning your tabletop with objets d’arts and collectibles can go a long way towards making your holiday party feel elevated and personalized.” —Brittany Gersh, Senior Fine Art & Home Specialist

Don’t Forget The Fine Linens

RealStyle | Holiday Hosting Hacks
“Paper napkins don’t quite cut the mustard for festive occasions, so opt for high-quality linens and napkin rings to elevate the table. Cocktail napkins are also a fun way to add some sparkle and texture to the opening hours of your event.” —Christina Capela, Associate Merchandise Manager

Make Your Art Do Double Duty

RealStyle | Holiday Hosting Hacks

Michael Kwiecinski, Untitled, $195; Alexander Calder, Beastie, $1,200; Georges Braque, Les Jonquilles (The Daffodils), $3,425

“Electronics are always an eyesore during holiday parties, but luckily there’s an easy solution to remedy that. If your computer or television is in plain sight, prop up framed paintings, photographs or prints to conceal them. Not only will the room look organized and polished, but the art will add texture and color to your space. I recommend choosing pieces by recognizable artists or offbeat, unexpected images to prompt conversation.” —Brittany Gersh, Senior Fine Art & Home Specialist
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