Why You Need to Get Obsessed: Our Editors on How to Curate the Best Items on the Realreal

Words by Jody Hume | 3.14.15
One of the best things about The RealReal is the sheer number of amazing new arrivals that hit the site every day. With so many hand-curated flash sales and designer pieces on offer, it’s key to collect your favorites in one place. That’s where Obsessions come in. The top reasons to obsess?
1. Get notified about price drops.
Once you’ve added items to your Obsessions, you’ll automatically get emails letting you know when your coveted items go on sale.
2. Keep track of favorites.
Items disappear from your cart after 20 minutes. If you’re not ready to buy, you’ll still want to be able to find your favorites. Obsessions collects them all in one place.
3. Collect inspiration & build outfits.
Seeing your favorites side by side is the most helpful way to visualize how they’ll fit together in an outfit. Your Obsessions board is the perfect place to put together your aesthetic.
Whenever you see an item you love, click the heart icon to add it to your Obsessions. Then, see them all together by clicking ‘Obsessed’ at the top of the site — it’s like your own personalized sale, filled with your favorite pieces. Below, our editors reveal how they use Obsessions to curate the best items on The RealReal, and what they’re most obsessed with right now.


SashaPicWomen’s Category Director, Sasha Skoda
Which pick are you currently most obsessed with?
I love the Céline Tie Tote. This is the next It bag from Phoebe Philo and we’re just starting to see it on the arms of our favorite street style stars, as well as on the site. I’m sure our customers are just as obsessed with it as I am!


How do you curate your obsessions?
Needless to say, I have a bit of a shopping problem. My strategy to keep myself in line is to obsess something, then wait 24 hours. If it’s still available for sale, I know it’s meant to be!
What’s the best obsession you’ve scored on The RealReal?
Best obsession I’ve scored is a Cartier trinity ring — I wear it every single day. I’m waiting to get the matching necklace, but our customers are too fast! We received one recently and it sold out immediately.
MayolaPicMen’s Category Director, Mayola Martinez
Which pick are you currently most obsessed with?
The Goyard suitcase. I’m not a logo traveler but I’m loving this piece after watching Cate Blanchett in The Talented Mr. Ripley. I loved her travel style.
How do you curate your obsessions?
I use it similarly to the way I use Pinterest — as a collage of things I want, items I want to gift, and others that are just amazing items or special pieces. We get such a great range of product through our warehouse.
What’s the best obsession you’ve scored on The RealReal?
Alaïa lizard platform shoes, a steal at $125!!
Mike_Circle_HeadshotSenior Director of Fine Jewelry & Watches, Michael Groffenberger
Which pick are you currently most obsessed with?
I love the Gucci jacket. It’s a great cut. I also like that it doesn’t have Gucci printed all over — it’s very subtle and sporty.


How do you curate your obsessions?
I am usually looking for things that I love, but may not be ready to pull the trigger on. I want to be able to find them quickly in the future or check to see if they go on promotion. I’m also looking for things we don’t see every day, things that are super unique and have a lot of character. The IWC Perpetual is a good example of this — they only made a small number of these, so to have one come in is pretty exciting. I was obsessed!
What’s the best obsession you’ve scored on The RealReal?
My Louis Vuitton sneakers. I wear them all the time, they go with everything and they were like brand new when I found them in my size!
Brittany_Circle_Headshot (1)Senior Fine Art Specialist, Brittany Gersh
Which pick are you currently most obsessed with?
The photograph by Brassaï entitled Rue de Quincampoix. It’s from a series he did of Paris by night in which he revealed the dark underworld of prostitutes, vagrants, thugs and the places they frequented. This photo is so picturesque and subtle — the way many photos of Paris appear at first glance — but it depicts the quiet street in anticipation of, or during, the unsavory and criminal activity that routinely occurred there. Furthermore, this photo was pulled by the artist himself in 1932 which makes it rare and valuable. Every time I look at it, I can’t help but think of Brassaï in a dark room discovering the shadowy intrigue of this piece for himself as it developed.


How do you curate your obsessions?
I obsess over things because it’s a way for me to collect all of the things I love even if I don’t own them myself; I’m a collector by nature — books, art, antiques, shoes. I use my obsessions page as a way of capturing inspiration and developing my taste. They develop into themes based on my current inspirations, and are a visual reminder of different ways of looking. It’s when I start to fixate on the same piece over and over again that I know it’s time for it to advance beyond my virtual collection.
What’s the best obsession you’ve scored on The RealReal?
This Alexander McQueen sweater. I wear black religiously, and this is the perfect black sweater without being boring.
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