What Your Favorite Sneakers Say About You

Words by Noelani Piters | 7.18.19
You love your Gucci Flashtreks like no other. Or the Yeezy x adidas Boosts are your ultimate grail. Or perhaps you fancy yourself a reseller, buying pairs of limited edition Nikes because you know their future worth. But are you aware your sartorial choices are like a reflection of your soul? Read on to discover what your favorite kicks reveal about your personality, plus the significance behind the styles and authenticity tips from our very own Sneakers & Streetwear Valuation Manager Amir Azarcon.
If You Adore The Maison Margiela Replica…

RealStyle | What Your Sneakers Say About You

Loewe Puzzle Backpack; Maison Margiela Replica; Nomos Tangomat Watch

…you’re very particular about everything you buy, and curate both your wardrobe and home like you would a prized collection of art. Whether it be a Raf Simons jacket, a pair of Junya Watanabe patchwork jeans, the mid-century modern coffee table in your loft apartment or the thick tomes on said coffee table, every investment must pass muster with your exacting standards. You appreciate the details in life, like that thin bubbly layer of foam on a freshly brewed latte or the single white stitch on a Replica’s heel. And while you’re a minimalist at heart, it all comes down to a balance of craftsmanship and aesthetics—things must be well-made, but you will never sacrifice style for substance.
Amir’s Expert Take: “While it’s common knowledge that this design is based on the German Army Trainer, Martin Margiela actually featured vintage GATs in his Spring/Summer 1999 show. He continued to customize vintage pairs in the following years by painting and drawing on them, creating and selling one-of-a-kind pairs before debuting his own version in the mid-aughts.”
Recommended Pairings: A Maison Margiela Replica calls for timeless accent pieces with a distinctly unique feel. Go for Loewe’s Puzzle backpack, an icon in its own right, and Nomos’ sleek Tangomat watch.
If You Have Eyes Only For The Gucci Flashtrek…

RealStyle | What Your Sneakers Say About You

…you’re the life of the party, a thrill-seeker and everyone’s favorite partner in crime. You love all types of adventure, from hiking rough terrain and skydiving to exploring foreign cities and driving around aimlessly just for kicks. Your style is as fearless as your life motto—just say yes—and you love to say yes to fashion, whether it’s head-to-toe neon, a Burberry bucket hat or chunky Gucci Flashtrek hiking boot-sneaker hybrids. “Keep it casual” means little to you, and you’ve never met a vintage store you didn’t raid for its hidden gems. In short, you’re the party guest who brings the host a gift so over the top, they thank you at the end of the night.
Amir’s Authenticity Tip: “When authenticating the Gucci Flashtrek, one of the things we inspect is the pull tab on the heel. Faux pairs will have a brighter-colored font, as opposed to the more muted colors on authentic pairs.”
Recommended Pairings: More is more, so don’t hold back. Go to extremes with prints on prints à la Prada’s tessuto backpack and Gucci’s fringed, studded and printed biker jacket.
If The Yeezy x adidas Boost 350 V2 “Glow” Is Your Jam…

RealStyle | What Your Sneakers Say About You

Louis Vuitton x Supreme Monogram Sunglasses; Yeezy x adidas 2019 Glow Boost 350 V2; Off-White Industrial Logo Belt

…then this isn’t your first pair of Boosts. In fact, you’ve got an entire collection of Yeezys and your closet is a treasure trove of logos, with Gucci jackets and Balenciaga tees hanging alongside BAPE sweatpants, Anti Social Social Club hoodies, MCM backpacks and as much Off-White as you can fit. You’re a veteran of Supreme’s infamous lines and have made dozens of friends camping out the night before a drop. You’ve also amassed thousands of Instagram followers who can’t get enough of your outfit photos. Essentially, you’re just one Box Logo away from being the next big influencer.
Amir’s Expert Take: “The Yeezy x adidas 350 has come to define a generation of hypebeasts, and this pair puts it over the top with a glow-in-the-dark sole. Ironically the shoe takes its design inspiration from the Nike Roshe Run, a revolutionary silhouette released in 2012 with a design based on Zen principles. Kanye West was smart to appropriate the aesthetic, as the shoe was wildly popular when he made the switch from collaborating with Nike to Adidas. All signs point to it eventually becoming a future classic.”
Recommended Pairings: Complete your street style-worthy look with Louis Vuitton x Supreme’s logo-splashed sunglasses, if you haven’t copped them already. And you can never have too many Off-White belts.
If The Louis Vuitton Runner Is Your #1…

RealStyle | What Your Sneakers Say About You

…you’re the one who sets the trends in your circle—once you’ve got something, everyone wants it. You’re the go-to guy for all things style, food and culture since you always find the It items, 5-star meals and under-the-radar happenings before they blow up. The second you saw LV’s Runner, you knew it was something special. And though you secretly revel in your inherent ability to harness the zeitgeist, from time to time you like to remind people that you loved Virgil’s work long before the Off-White hype, think the Dad trend is already passé and have been going to places like Momofuku for years. We know, we know.
Amir’s Expert Take: “The 2019 Louis Vuitton runner is a clever riff on the Spalwart Marathon Trail Sneaker. Spalwart is a Stockholm-based sneaker company that draws inspiration from classic athletic design and they pride themselves on quality. They’ve manufactured their shoes using the same molds and techniques since the 1950s. The Marathon trail sneaker is a favorite of Comme des Garcons’ Rei Kawakubo, as well, which validates its standing as one of fashion’s best kept secrets.” 
Recommended Pairings: You probably know better than we do, but if you’ve been searching for that Dior Homme Raymond Pettibon pouch or something from that ultra-slick Supreme x Jean Paul Gaultier drop, we’ve got you covered.
If You’re Into The Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2.0…

RealStyle | What Your Sneakers Say About You

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Suitcase; Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2.0 Sneakers; A. Lange & Söhne Grand Lange 1 Watch

…you’re all business, fond of the classics and forever seeking the best return-on-investment. You wouldn’t be caught dead in anything trendy or outrageously oversized and usually stick to loafers or oxfords as your footwear of choice. While you understand the appeal of a comfortable sneaker, what interests you more is its value—prices seem to fluctuate like the stock market, a game you know well. At the end of the day, you’re a calculated risk-taker who’s willing to diversify his portfolio with a pair of coveted kicks. Don’t worry—it’ll pay off later. 
Amir’s Expert Take: Nike partnered with New York-based multidisciplinary artist Tom Sachs to create what is widely regarded as the best sneaker this decade. Tom Sachs originally designed the shoes in 2012 for his SPACE PROGRAM: MARS exhibit. Sachs is obsessed with functionality, and revisited the shoe in 2017 with minor updates after five years of wear-testing. Early pairs were released exclusively at a Space Camp event on Randall’s Island, where participants were made to go through a Tom Sachs obstacle course designed to impart lessons through failure. The unique design, storytelling and release procedure behind this shoe has made it one of the most coveted sneakers in the secondary market, with pairs selling for up to $4,000.”
Recommended Pairings: Since you’re not really a sneaker guy, go for the well-crafted pieces that will last you a lifetime and complement your dress shoes perfectly, like an intrecciato briefcase by Bottega Veneta and an ever-iconic A. Lange & Söhne timepiece.
If You’re Obsessed With The Balenciaga Track Runner…

RealStyle | What Your Sneakers Say About You

…you’re the athletic type who loves big protein shakes and bigger sneakers. When you’re not meal-prepping and running three miles a day, you’re dreaming of carbs and planning what to wear at your next gym sesh. You look for performance, craftsmanship and a tiny bit of flash in a sneaker, and while the Balenciaga Track runner isn’t quite suited for strenuous activity, you feel like you’ve found your “sole mate.” You’ve got a good notion of what looks good on you and appreciate the irony of luxury sport sneakers without the functionality. Self-improvement isn’t your only focus in life, though. Much like the Track, there are many layers to you, and you refuse to be defined by any one thing—least of all your appearance. 
Amir’s Authenticity Tip: When looking for a genuine Balenciaga Track sneaker, we look closely at all of the details. Authentic pairs should feature stitching around each cut-out accent on the exterior panels, which is often absent on faux pairs.”
Recommended Pairings: Keep your elevated athleisure vibe with a sporty Rolex Daytona watch and a leather Givenchy bomber jacket.
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