Art Gift Guide
Art Gift Guide

Editor’s Gift Guide: a Roundup Of the Coolest Art to Give

Words by Jody Hume | 12.12.14
Works of art make great holiday gifts because they’re beautiful, unique and lasting. Art is also highly personal, which adds to its gifting impact but can make it daunting to choose. Enter Senior Fine Art Specialist Brittany Gersh — she’s taken the guesswork out of gifting art with perfect pieces for every aesthete (and novice) on your list. From minimalists to seasoned gallery regulars, her guide has got you covered. Read on for her picks and advice on selecting pieces for the holidays.

For The Gallery Regular


Peter Dayton Untitled Daffodils

Peter Dayton, Untitled (Daffodils), 2014

Peter Dayton’s work is everything you want in a piece of art: it’s aesthetically beautiful and intriguing, it’s provocative, and a great investment. He is one of my top five favorite artists.”

For The Young Collector


John Grande ElizabethJohn Grande MaoJohn Grande Obama

John Grande, Elizabeth, 2008; Mao, 2008; Obama, 2008

“Investing in emerging artists is the perfect combination of risk and reward. Prices are lower for work by emerging artists so risk is relatively low, but if you have a good eye or can consult with someone you can trust to guide your choices, you can get in on the ground floor. John Grande is the perfect artist to invest in now. He is represented by Jim Kempner Gallery in New York, but his work is accessible and interesting. His smaller paintings starts at under $1,000.”

For The Minimalist


Jennifer MarshallGreg Fadell

Jennifer Marshall, Untitled, 2013; Greg Fadell, Nothing (UICA 1), 2014

“I love these pieces because they offer an inexpensive way of freshening up any space. Minimalist or not, no one can have too much art.”

Susan GilletteJ. B. Hall Yellow Shapes 4

Susan Gillette, Untitled; J. B. Hall, Yellow Shapes 4

For The Person Who Has Everything

Visionaire 22: Chic 1997

Visionaire 22: Chic, 1997

Visionaires are the best gifts as they are all limited editions, many of which are sold out, and are each unique. Each issue is created by a different visionary such as Tom Ford (Visionaire #24), Mario Testino (Visionaire #22), and Hedi Slimane (Visionaire #34).”

Visionaire 24: Light, 1998Visionaire 34: Paris, 2001

Visionaire 24: Light, 1998; Visionaire 34: Paris, 2001

For Your Significant Other

Mel Kadel Since I Cannot Have You, I Will Honor You

Mel Kadel, Since I Cannot Have You, I Will Honor You, 2006

“This diptych is such a sweet testament. Art is the most thoughtful and personal gift you can give someone and this piece in particular is an incredibly heartfelt gesture.”

For Your Best Friend


Annie Vought Untitled (PS You Are So Cool)

Annie Vought Untitled (PS You Are So Cool)

“I love Annie Vought’s piece Untitled (PS. You Are So Cool) because the detail is incredible, it will fit in any space and the message is understated but spot-on.”

For Yourself


Todd Hebert


Todd Hebert, Untitled, 2004

Todd Hebert is an artist whose paintings sell for upwards of $15,000 at auction but these prints are a steal for under $1,000. Represented by several of the most renowned galleries, Hebert is known for his interest in suburban life and depictions of innocence and childhood, stripped of any nostalgia. These snowmen are not only perfect for the season, but beautiful examples of his signature work.”
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