JJ Martin Sabina Socol
JJ Martin Sabina Socol

Consign Like a Fashion Month Insider

Words by Jody Hume | 10.3.16
“Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future … this is known as fashion week.” Carrie Bradshaw’s apt encapsulation of NYFW is of course not limited to one week and one city. All fashion month, from New York to London to Milan to Paris, everyone’s eyes are focused on the future pieces we’d love to fill our closets with. But, it’s also the perfect occasion to consider the past. After all, how are you going to make room for this fall’s puffer coats and next spring’s trenches and one-shoulder dresses without considering which past-season pieces to let go of? For inspiration and advice, we turned to our insiders in each city. Learn how they edit below, and start pulling the pieces that will pay for your future look.

JJ Martin
LaDoubleJ Founder & Wallpaper* Contributing Editor
Location: Milan

JJ Martin LaDoubleJ
Are you a closet maximalist or minimalist?
Do you know me at all? (ha ha!) I am a huge, happily unabashed maximalist. I’ve been a maximalist my entire life, from the moment I discovered my grandmother’s jewelry drawer all the way through the minimal ‘90s when I worked at Calvin Klein and yet still wore bright patterns. Even more recently in the middle of the cool Céline moment I’ve remained loyal to my own aesthetic. I will never give it up! Color and print are in my heart and soul and they bring me a lot of joy.
As a fashion expert, what’s your go-to advice for editing your closet?
Just take out everything you’re not currently wearing and put it somewhere ELSE— i.e. down in the basement, out in the garage, up in the attic or at your mom’s house. Then, six months later, go back and re-assess. That will be the time you’ll know for sure if you should hang on to the pieces or send them to The RealReal.

Laura Brown
InStyle Editor In Chief
Location: New York

Laura Brown Hari Nef
@laurabrown99 with @harinef
As a fashion expert, what’s your advice on editing your closet?
Be brutally honest about how much you wear something. If it’s not a go-to for you, you don’t need it. Also, you’re never going to wear those heels that hurt your feet, so let go.
 Do you edit your closet before or after fashion week?
Before. Just for my sanity rather than a sense of occasion.
 How do you know when to let an item go and consign it?
When I’m running low on hangers! Or if I’ve just grown out of a look. Something’s gotta give.

Sabina Socol
L’Officiel Paris Social Editor
Location: Paris

Sabina SocolAre you a closet maximalist or minimalist?
It depends on my mood! But mostly minimalist.
As a fashion expert, what’s your go-to advice for editing your closet?
Don’t be afraid to get rid of stuff you never wear (and make room for new things…)
Do you consign your pieces? Can you tell us about something you recently consigned?
Yes I do resell, because I don’t get attached. I recently sold a bunch of winter coats because I only wanted to be left with my classic pieces.

India Rose
Stylist & Creative Director
Location: London

India Rose
Photo by Alex de Mora
Are you a closet minimalist or maximalist?
Minimalist. I clear out my closet every few months, and sell or give things I don’t wear to my friends and family.
As a fashion expert, what’s your advice on editing your closet?
If you haven’t worn something in a few months, ask yourself why. If it doesn’t make you feel good when you wear it, get rid of it. If you’re bored of it, put it away to rediscover later. If you aren’t sure, keep it. Seller’s regret ain’t so great.
Do you consign your pieces? What’s something you recently consigned?
I resell most of my unwanted things, so I feel less guilty about buying something new (usually secondhand or vintage, but new to me). I recently sold a pair of Céline mules as they were too small for me. I own a lot of sneakers, so I sell them regularly too.
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