Classic Jewelry
Classic Jewelry

Celebrate Valentine’s Day: Start a Jewelry Bucket List

Words by Jody Hume | 2.9.16
While diamonds and other pieces of classic jewelry are appropriate year-round, there’s something about the middle of February that lands them top-of-mind. And while exquisite pieces will never be as much of an impulse buy as, say, the perfect pair of ankle boots or a cocktail dress with major personality, they’re ripe for creating a jewelry bucket list. With Valentine’s Day shopping in mind, now is the very best time to outline the luxe basics necessary for building out your collection. (Plus, here’s some fashion math for you: The sooner you invest, the more opportunity you’ll have to wear them, bringing down the cost-per-wear significantly).

1. A Necklace That Adds Instant Glamour

Classic Jewelry

Everyday pendants and charms have their place, but a well-rounded jewelry collection should include one high-wattage necklace that has the ability to sparkle at a black-tie function or dress up a classic pair of blue jeans. Look beyond diamonds for brightly colored stones or an artful design that speaks of the wearer.

2. Earrings That Aren’t Meant For Everyday

Classic Jewelry

Even high-carat-count studs can start to feel regular when they’re worn frequently. When a major style moment is needed (or you simply feel like adding something extra), sub out your go-tos with major drop earrings that incorporate multiple stones and hues.

3. A Bracelet That Highlights Every Move You Make

Classic Jewelry

There’s a clear reason that the term “arm party” was so widely embraced by fashion bloggers: That’s a lot of physical real estate calling out for something to add glamour. Thin, dainty options are always nice, but a true-blue bucket list deserves something more major.

4. A Watch That Goes Beyond Practicality 

The time-telling capabilities of this wrist add-on surely weight it as a sensible buy rather than a purely frivolous splurge. Look at it as needed help for staying on schedule or a self-administered reward for being punctual; either way, a timepiece you’ll want to look at is an essential. Make it a mission to find one that’s jewelry first, watch second.

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