Obsess & Win! Our Editors Share Their Must-haves

Words by Jody Hume | 11.27.15
If you haven’t been using the Obsessed feature on The RealReal, now is the time to start. Our Black Friday giveaway means that simply by collecting your most coveted items in one place, you could have the chance to win one! All you have to do is click the heart icon next to at least five items to add them to your Obsessions, and today through Cyber Monday you could be one of the three lucky winners we’ll be choosing each day. Learn all the details you need to know here.
At The RealReal, we use our Obsessions boards year-round. It’s the perfect way to gather sartorial inspo, so we asked our editors to share how they curate their Obsessions boards, how it influences their shopping decisions and what their number one Obsessions of the moment are. Read on for their picks and then start curating your own!

Erika Kettleson
Photo Editor


Black Friday Giveaway Obsess & WinChanel Espadrilles, $625

How do you use your Obsessions board?
I use it more like someone might use Pinterest. It’s my inspiration board — I don’t usually bother with sizes or even whether it’s sold or not! I want to pull up my Obsessions and see a visual history of my favorite things, and get inspiration for sales images or OOTDs!
Favorite thing about Obsessing?
I love going back to find something has sold and imagining who bought it. I feel like I have style sisters walking around the world; they just snapped it up before me!

Katharine Newberg
Senior Merchandise Manager, Fine Jewelry & Watches


Black Friday Giveaway Obsess & WinCartier Diamond LOVE Bracelet, $7,995

How do you use your Obsessions board?
I use my Obsessions board as a way to pin things that I want, and track what I’m waitlisting. It’s also my own trend board for things that I’d like to see in my wardrobe that I feel I’m currently lacking. Even if I don’t end up with the exact thing on my Obsessions board, I’m always looking at it for inspiration.
Favorite thing about Obsessing?
My favorite thing about the Obsessions feature is that it’s so easy to do and manage. You can be scrolling through any sale and Obsess as many items as you want and you instantly have your own board to refer back to that you can manage in any way you want.

Lauren Bradshaw
Senior Fashion Editor


Black Friday Giveaway Obsess & WinRochas Clutch, $895

How do you use your Obsessions board?
I use it to bookmark items that i want to come back to later, but I also find that there’s something strangely satisfying about clicking the red Obsessions heart. If I’m low on funds and shouldn’t be buying something fun but completely impractical — this Rochas clutch, for instance — Obsessing it helps my shopping itch.
Favorite thing about Obsessing?
I love that I can tell if my Obsessions are on sale! It’s a great way to keep track of my favorites, so I can snap them up quickly if they get marked down.

Sasha Skoda
Women’s Category Director


Black Friday Giveaway Obsess & WinThe Row Loafers, $425

How do you use your Obsessions board?
I use Obsessions to help narrow down my favorite pieces and decide which ones are a must-own! I check New Arrivals on the site daily (filtering by my go-to designers) and I obsess everything that makes my heart skip a beat. Clearly my wallet can’t handle all my Obsessions, so I use this board to help curate and narrow down my selection.
Favorite thing about Obsessing?
I Obsess so often that sometimes I forget about a specific piece that I fell in love with months ago. I am always re-finding these long lost items on my Obsessions board, and every once in a while they will still be available — that’s when you know it’s meant to be!
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