How to Spot Real Prada Cloudbust Sneakers

Words by Noelani Piters | 12.18.19
No one does ugly hype better than Miuccia Prada. The master designer of unconventional chic is renowned for creating quirky, off-kilter, thought-provoking pieces that redefine luxury fashion, and in the realm of streetwear and sneakers, Prada doesn’t disappoint. The Cloudbust turns heads with its chunky sole, performance-gear materials and ’90s nostalgia-heavy Velcro strap closure, so of course counterfeiters have taken notice. Read on as Avelinda Garcia, Senior Manager of Brand Compliance and Authentication, and Dante Vargas, Authentication and Brand Compliance Lead, nail down the details for spotting the genuine article.
Prada Cloudbust Sneakers: The Branding

The Velcro closure is perhaps the most notable feature of the Prada Cloudbust, and the Prada logo is on full display. “Inspecting Prada’s branding is a crucial aspect of authenticating Prada Cloudbust sneakers,” says Avelinda Garcia. “Review the Prada font at the Velcro tab and note the slope and leg of the letter R. A slight indentation will be present. Also pay close attention to the spacing between the logo’s ‘R,’ middle ‘A’ and ‘D’ — it will be greater than the ‘P-R’ and ‘D-A’ spacing.” Depending on the model, Prada branding may also be present on midsoles, counters, outsoles and sock liners, and the same consistent spacing should be present.
Prada Cloudbust Sneakers: The Materials & Construction

Prada uses a number of materials to construct Cloudbust sneaker uppers, including high-quality knits, breathable mesh and neoprene fabrics. “Nylon and neoprene are used to line the shoe and provide comfort, cushion the feet and wick away moisture,” says Dante Vargas. “Matte, flexible rubber accents, seen at the shoe’s uppers, help maintain the shape of the shoes. The rubber quality on authentic Prada Cloudbust sneakers — used on the sneaker’s Velcro closure, midsoles and outer soles — should be stiff and durable to provide support and endure wear.” 
Depending on the style, authentic Prada Cloudbusts will also feature single or double-stitching at the exterior. “Clean, single stitches should be present on the rubber accents and on the Velcro closures, and the stitch pattern should be tight and consistent throughout,” notes Vargas. “Some styles will also include pull-tabs at the shoe’s back, which may be stitched down in a rectangular pattern. Additional designs will include a pull-tab paired with a logo rubber accent or just rubber Prada branding.”
Prada Cloudbust Sneakers: The Interior

Give the Prada Cloudbust sneaker’s leather sock liner a careful look when checking for authenticity. “The leather should not be too shiny or porous,” notes Garcia. “If it is, that’s a red flag. Leather sock liners may also be perforated at the toes to provide ventilation.” 
The sock liner should feature printed or foil-stamped Prada branding, and the shoe’s country of origin may also be present. “Sizing and an embossed brand logo should be located on the sock liner’s foam underside,” explains Garcia. “Prada branding may also be seen at the footbed when the sock liners are removed. The shoe’s insoles should have clean, uniform, single stitches.” 
Aside from the sock liner, the Prada Cloudbust’s interior also holds a few more telling signs of authenticity. “Suede heel panels, which are found on many high-end sneakers, should be double-stitched around the perimeter, and may include a center-back seam,” says Garcia. “Plus, foil-stamped leather tabs that denote style number, size and country of origin should also be found at the interior. Countries of origin may vary, though we have seen Italy and Vietnam on authentic Prada Cloudbust sneakers.”
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