Artist Focus: Alex Zecca

Words by Jody Hume | 6.5.14

San Francisco artist Alex Zecca’s precise, hand-drawn works marry a sense of the scientific with the art of craft. While process is at the center of his work, his thousands of steady, painstakingly inking lines ultimately reveal more than the sum of their parts. Evoking everything from spirograph drawings to God’s eyes to the ideal proportions of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, works like November 3.07, July 3.07 and June 8.08 transcend mere lines and repetition.Alex Zecca

After studying at CCA, the San Francisco Art Institute and in Italy, Zecca has gone on to show his work in numerous solo exhibitions at San Francisco’s Gallery 16, and has been included alongside other masters of pattern like Yayoi Kusama and Ross Bleckner in the Crocker Art Museum’s exhibition Approaching Infinity: The Richard Green Collection of Meticulous Abstraction.

Zecca’s take on Op art feels relevant and contemporary, and his pieces offer welcome versatility. As stand alone statements or collections that mirror each other’s lines, Zecca’s pieces are as easily at home in a modern minimalist’s aesthetic as they are a more-is-more gallery wall.

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