Trend Test: Matching Couples

Words by Kaila Abruzzo | 8.29.17
Relationships are all about sacrifice, so when my boyfriend and I realize we’ve somehow completely coordinated our outfits, it seems appropriate that he should be the one to change. I did the dishes that one time! Lately we’ve found ourselves twinning more than ever before, and at this rate it seems like it may be a common occurrence. On occasion he’ll suggest that we just stay matching, but something feels taboo about it. Are we so attached at the hip that we can’t even have our own senses of style? 
It makes sense though; we spend a lot of our time together, absorb a lot of the same information and share a lot of opinions on a wide range of topics. One of those things just happens to be style and what we find attractive and interesting. It’s natural that it might translate into how we express ourselves personally and sartorially.
Then I started noticing it everywhere: couples dressed alike from head to toe. It was fun and sweet from an outsider’s perspective, a spectacle that made people smirk and comment. With a bit of research and a few friendly inquiries, I realized that this trend extends past surface-level cutesy and has some significant cultural weight to it. In South Korea, this trend is referred to as Keo-Peul-Look (which translates to “couples look”) and shows affection while signifying that a couple is official. Contemporary designers, such as French retailer The Kooples and iconic house Gucci, bring this concept into the western zeitgeist by creating interchangeable men’s and womenswear so that stylish couples everywhere can share pieces and individuals can dress androgynously. This trend isn’t for everyone, but it is an adventurous way to experiment with your wardrobe and engage with your partner in making a statement. Read on for our favorite fall trends and how to get the look (times two).

Suit Up

This fall’s runways were dominated by bold, power-evoking suits at Hermès, Jacquemus, Altuzarra and many more. Layer over a graphic t-shirt and pair with classic loafers and sleek bags to polish it off.

Red Hot

Passionate red is undeniably the color of the season, and it also happens to look great on everyone. Try color-blocking with this statement shade while playing with silhouette and structure to match your individual styles.

At Ease

Utilitarian khaki and casual denim are timeless casual staples that make getting ready for the weekend simple. White sneakers keep this look cool and easy, while statement bags add an element of fun.
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