Dog Park Catwalk: How to Outfit Your Pet in Louis Vuitton, Goyard & Hermès

Why should humans have all the fun? Instead of hoarding designer finds for yourself, maybe it’s time to treat your furry friends to something chic. Whether they need to stay warm on chilly walks, or need a proper, well-made collar, luxury brands have canines covered with everything from trending puffer jackets to logo leashes to carriers that, when you think about it, aren’t that far off from an investment bag you would happily sling across your arm. We rounded up a few pups from Team TRR to take some of the best pieces for a spin. And because, perhaps unexpectedly, there are counterfeit designer items lurking in the dog park — “I saw a dog in a counterfeit LV x Supreme dog coat the other day, so there are faux pet items out there,” Chief Authenticator Graham Wetzbarger told us — we asked him for a few tips on how to spot the real thing. He also had a note on style: “Try a DIY approach: one of our ‘WeHo Wags’ aka a four-legged visitor to our West Hollywood store (named Laurent naturally), came in with a vintage Gucci belt repurposed as a collar.”

Jacob, Maltipoo

Dog In Goyard Pet CarrierGoyard Sac Hardy Pet Carrier PM

Loves: dirty socks. He doesn’t play with ANYTHING but dirty socks.
Hates: baths. As soon as he hears the water running, he goes under a table.
Nickname: Gordo, since he’s so fluffy.
Is always getting into: the trash, looking for scraps.
Favorite outfit: He prefers to go au naturel, but I love putting him into a tee that reads “bad to the bone.”
How did Jacob like wearing his Moncler puffer and traveling in the Goyard carrier?
He was a little skeptical about the carrier because he isn’t used to being carried around like that, but he actually liked the puffer. Since it’s been cold in SF I think he loved it as much as the blanket he sleeps in because it was so cozy.
Anything else special about Jacob?
The most endearing thing about him is how clumsy he is. Since he was a puppy he’s been falling off the couch or crashing into poles.

Dog In Moncler Puffer VestMoncler x Poldo Mondog Nylon Laqué Dog Vest w/ Tags

Moncler Authenticity tip:Moncler uses a super high-strength nylon which traps the very fine, high-quality feathers and down. Even under the punishment our four-legged friends might put it through, there should be no clumping down or escaping feathers,” notes Wetzbarger.

Beast, Basset Hound

Dog In Louis Vuitton LeashLouis Vuitton Monogram Baxter Dog Leash MM

Loves: long walks.
Hates: clothing, he’s one with nature!
Nickname: Beastie Boy (you know, like the band).
Is always getting into: my bed.
How did Beast like wearing his Goyard collar and LV leash?
He did not mind at all! He would def wear them again without complaint.
Anything else special about Beast?
He’s a very vocal dog — he has a sound for every emotion. Sometimes I wonder if he’s part human…

Dog In Goyard CollarGoyard Goyardine Dog Collar

Goyard Authenticity Tip: “Examine the screen-printed Goyardine pattern closely. Counterfeits will often be machine-printed revealing either a dot matrix or blurry pattern. Every sixth chevron will be replaced with ‘E: GOYARD’ (for Edmond Goyard) in white, ‘233 R St Paris’ in grey, and ‘Honore Paris’ in tan. Often on counterfeits this font is illegible.”

Bean, Chihuahua

Dog In Hermès LeashHermès Leather Dog Leash

Loves: taking one kibble at a time under the couch to eat in peace, cuddling, Hawaiian sweet rolls, Hallmark movies.
Hates: bringing toys back after I throw them, walking in the rain, strangers touching her without asking first, skateboards.
Nickname: Beanifer (her real name is Jennifer Bean, in honor of my boyfriend’s late family chihuahua Jenny).
Is always getting into: Nothing! She’s a good girl (and too small to reach anything).
How did Bean like wearing her LV collar and Hermès leash?
She loved it! I’ve never seen her so at ease. She definitely doesn’t look at her off-brand leash and collar the same way now.
Anything else special about Bean?
She’s just barely four pounds, so most people say she’s the smallest dog they’ve ever seen or they think she’s a puppy. She’s actually four years old. She was abandoned and almost taken to a kill shelter! We had been thinking about adopting and she was pretty much put right in our lap at the perfect time.

Dog In Louis Vuitton CollarLouis Vuitton Monogram Baxter Dog Collar PM

LV Care Tip: “The trim on Louis Vuitton monogram collars is Vachetta, an untreated European calf hide, which will patina and darken with use,” Wetzbarger explains. “Sweat, oils from hair, dirt and water can accelerate this. You can use a product to seal the leather or jump start the process by using mink oil which will give it a nice, even patina.”
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